Monday, June 1, 2009

Santo's Farm

Thought I would start the week with a quick shout out to my favorite organic bodega! Santo's Farm is jam packed with an impressive selection of groceries, especially considering it's small size, organic fruits & vegetables, healthy snacks and some very beautiful fresh flowers.

Here are the owners-- Sue at her counter and Joe walking the aisle below. My friends and I actually refer to the store as Sue's. Everyone seems to know her and people in line tend to be unusually polite waiting their turn as others have a chat. Sue is a lovely and friendly person. My mom makes it a point to stop in on each visit (from Virginia) just to talk with her. She and Joe work very hard to keep this store clean and organized and it is much appreciated by the neighborhood!

Just some of the fresh cut flowers...

Santo's Farm is located at 429 Court Street between 2nd & 3rd Place. A convenient stop walking from the F or G train / Carroll Street Station.


kristine said...

I LOVE those peonies! And the vermillion roses. Gorgeous!

Allyn said...

Kristine-- You are Awesome! Think I'll run a contest for most consistent commentors (sp?) or at least buy u some flowers ;D


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