Friday, July 3, 2009

Floaty Gets Going @ SVA

I've finally started sketches for Floaty the Hovering Dog! I just finished a very fast, but motivating 5 week class at SVA with Rachael Cole called Publishing Picture Books for Children.

I enjoy looking at sketches of other artists' work and seeing how they get from point A to B. Below, an aerial floating dogs-eye view and pencil studies to color versions.

As you can see below, I'm trying various versions of street scenes, trying to loosen up some. I always admire illustrators whose work maintains that free, energetic feel in final, finished pieces.

Above is the original Floaty I painted many years ago. He's patiently hung around waiting for me to give him a life ;)

Here is my class above. I hate the bland institutional look of classrooms, but Rachael and my classmates' work spiced it up a little. Rachael Cole is an illustrator and the Art Director at Schwartz & Wade, an imprint of Random House. Our 1st night, we discussed professional & practical sides of the business and she presented the numerous sketches & edits for the book below. Abe Lincoln Crosses A Creek is by Deborah Hopkinson and illustrated beautifully by John Hendrix.

Rachael also designs and silkscreens these fabulous pillows. Each one is like a piece of a puzzle that comes together to form a quaint small village. I love them! You can see more and purchase them at Village Pillows. She also sells them at the Brooklyn Flea. Check her website for more information.

This class was part of SVA's Continuing Education Program, so the students are all professionals, usually in related fields. Below Patrick Dorian is talking about his work. This particular story is about a robot who steals candy and one child must seek his revenge! Really fun stuff and so well executed, always a pleasure to look at his work and he is very prolific.

Below is some of the work of Jack Harris, a very talented illustrator transitioning into the children's market. You've got to see the freaky, evil fish in his story!

This portrait is by Shay Grabowski. I found it on her website, full of eclectic work ranging from brand & logo design to animation, photography and painting. She wrote a story bursting with great visuals about an adventure in the jungle.

Above is the fashion illustration done by Lynsey Hirth. She is working on a story about a little girl following a day in her mom's life as a fashion designer. Her drawings are lovely and even better are her super fun & creative collages! Take a look at her blog, Hodgepodge illustration and see her prints for sale on Etsy (seller: hodgepodge prints).

This amazing illustration is by Doug Salati. He has been working on a Eugene Field poem, Norse Lullaby for class. Doug has sketched out a full book dummy for it. Even his sketches are beautiful and create a full and enchanting world for the story.

This is the business card for Sachika and her website is not quite up yet, but do check back because her work is sweet and very charming! She has completed a color book dummy about a mouse who wants to fly (little jealous of some of her handling of flight scenes, but that's ok-- moving on ;) Love this card, too.

Below is a print by Estrella Vega. She is an art director and showed us several wonderful pieces she's created using silkscreen. I love the clean, graphic style of her work. She's been working on a story about a small dog with big moxie! It's gonna be great for adults, too I think.

This little guy is also by Estrella and I had to add him because he is sooooooooo CUTE! I want him.

Now, on to illustrators living the dream... fast cars, big boats and exotic cities :D Not exactly, but it is the dream of an artist/illustrator anyway.
This book is brand spanking new by Sara Varon. She came and spoke to our class about her journey, jobs, promotional advice & current projects. Below is from her series of Chicken & Cat stories for kids. You must check out her site Chickenopolis. She also did a graphic, wordless book you may have seen called Robot Dreams. It's fantastic!

And finally, Brian Floca, illustrator/author extraordinaire! I took a class with him about 6 years ago (hard to believe that long ago) at SVA. He was a great teacher, thoughtful with criticism, thorough about the book dummy process and quite funny, as well! Moonshot is his new book about the Apollo 11 mission. Brian's work is so well researched, not a detail left out and he moves seemlessly between several styles. All of which are engaging and fun. I think the cover for Moonshot alone, is stunning!

I recommend taking a course in Continuing Ed at School of Visual Arts. I recently took a licensing and greeting card class with Cheryl Phelps that was also well worth it. She is a terrific teacher and person. Cheryl is moving to San Francisco this summer, but hopefully they will still offer the licensing course.
Again, I want to send a big ThAnKs out to Rachael for being so generous with her time, ideas and thoughts during each person's critique. She spoke about practicalities of the business without ever being discouraging and gave only the most constructive feedback. Only regret that the class was not longer, as will have to rely solely on my own motivation >:()


ahoward0005 said...

Know how much you loved this
class and the teacher and
guest speakers!

"Floaty" looks happy to be on
the move again.

lantzjkgreen said...

I still have the floaty bday card you gave me. these sketches look fun!!

misslynsey said...

Hi Allyn, I love the Floaty sketches and coverage of the class! I learned so much in 5 weeks, it was amazing. hope to see more soon, keep in touch!

IAMSHAY said...

Hey Allyn,
So glad you posted this great synopsis of the class. Big thanks to Rachel and all of the talented people in our class. It was fantastic! Keep in touch everyone:
Cheers, Shay


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