Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Painting Valentines

With Valentine's Day a little over two weeks away, it was time 
for me to paint If I Were A Toy store's door.

This year I decided to reference the Valentines of my youth.

How many of you remember those sweet perforated Valentines?
The cards came in packs, so you had plenty to share.

I liked that we gave them out to all of our friends!

Do they still make those or something like it?
I hope mine have some of that vintage appeal.

It was fun to do something a little different.

Whomever has captured your heart this year, there's still time to find that perfect surprise!

Like a fish ;)
To each his own.
Thanks for stopping by.
xo, A

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Friend Day

My friend, Melissa Zexter, got a nice surprise last night when
she stumbled upon this terrific piece in BUST Magazine about her work.
Click Here to read their write up and see a lot more images.

You can also read my in depth interview 
with Melissa from a few years ago Here :)
In other good, over the top, crazy good news -
My friend, Graham Willoughby learned that the highly 
acclaimed documentary he shot, 
20 Feet from Stardom, has been nominated for an Oscar!

((ps It also won Critics' Choice Award for Best Documentary last night))
In more great, awesome, I'm jealous kind of news, 
my friend, Kristine Lombardi recently signed a 2 book deal with Abrams
for her 1st picture book!

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that
seeing Oliver Jeffers speak at The Met Museum this summer
brought us good luck! Well, to one of us ;)

Click Here to read my in depth interview with Kristine (yikes, 4 years ago)
and finally in minor news to most, but uplifting lovely news to me, one of 
my favorite blogs, Animalarium shared my little Mouse on her Facebook page.

Animalarium is a blog by Laura Ottina. 
It's packed with wonderful animal-centric artwork, old & new! 
I'm a big fan of many of the artists and work she shares on it.
Visit her Facebook page if you'd like to 'like' Mouse 
and see her other picks for the week.

Ok, I couldn't resist... 
Above, Graham posing with "Summer Nervous Bear"
almost *20 years ago* 
He paid more than what I asked for it, 
1st time that ever happened to me and most likely, the last.
He also gave me a list of art directors to contact so I could find 
work in the film business. A blessing and a curse, I suppose ;D
A Big Congrats to my Talented Hard Working Friends!!!
Also, if you have young kids, Babble rounded up their list of the
  10 Best Books about Martin Luther King 
and the Civil Rights Movement.

Enjoy your 3 day weekend!
xo, A

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cute Animals on Colorful Prints, Pillows & Bags

What lovely sneakers you wear, Bear.
Hey hey FREE SHIPPING on my Art Prints, Tote Bags, Pillows and more!
Today through Sunday
Jan 12th at midnight - Click Here for your deal :)

Browse New additions like Dapper Bo & bird and Let's Bake!

See more from my Venice Animal and Subway series ...
These tote bags are well crafted and durable. Plus, the printing is fantastic.
They come in several sizes and they're real cute, if I do say so myself!

I can say the same about the quality of the pillows and covers
They look great and they're easy to wash. 

I have not yet purchased a mug from Society 6, but I trust these are also well made.
Below, the 1st of my coffee mug designs.
Fox Sparrow on one side, Black-capped Chickadee on the other.

Thanks for taking a look!
*Stay warm*
xo, A


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