Sunday, August 26, 2012

a Botanist Owl & some Sketches

Last week's topic for Illustration Friday was "Teacher"
I made this little picture of an owl teaching animals about botany at the 
Botanical Gardens.
It didn't make "Pick of the Week" but it did garner several likes & comments 
on Facebook, so that's something :)

This was a sketch for the same topic where the teacher is guiding students 
through the Museum of Modern Art.
I've only recently started submitting pieces to IF
Whether you're a novice or pro, its good practice to have
a new theme to illustrate each week.

Above, an upset bear complains about his broken toy plane.
Not sure why I drew this one, but it could make it into a story line.

This I call simply, Many Animals. Quite a few of them
can be found in my Subway Series. 
Can you spot which ones?

Sal skunk is a central character in the Subway story and here
he does a little soul searching.

He feels less lonely when he feeds the birds.
It makes them all so happy!

and finally, Brooklyn Buckaroo 
This buckaroo bun is being printed on some cute baby tees
for a lucky Brooklyn shop. I'll let you know
how they turn out.

Thanks for taking a look.
Have a good week ahead!
xo, A

Monday, August 13, 2012

Drawing and Playtime

Drawing helps to make sense of the world around you.

I, myself, mostly sketch, draw and paint little animals.
I was impressed by this young elephant's skill at sketching people ;)

Last week, I attended Playtime New York,
an International trade show for the children's market.

I went with my friend, Robin, and I had the pleasure of meeting her friend,
Gabriela, the mastermind behind Gabriela Pardo, Things WE Love

Gabriela lives and works in Berlin, Germany with her lovely family.
These guitar-pillows are perfect for travel, as demonstrated below by her daughter. 
They're a big hit in Europe, soon to be here, too!

Playtime NY was in Soho and it showcased a select group of 
charming clothing, accessory and toy companies.

Here, I pose with Gabriela's sweet puppets. I would buy one of her bags for myself .
Below is Lewis Toad and Oliver Mouse
created by one of my favorite companies, Hazel Village

It turns out they're made here in Brooklyn, which makes me happy,
 since I know where to find them ;)

just spreading the word...

To see more from the show, clothing in particular, visit Circus Magazine
a cute German kids' fashion & lifestyle blog.

Have a productive and/or relaxing week.
Thanks for stopping by! 
xo, A

Sunday, August 5, 2012

ice cream ice cream, we all scream for ice cream!

This is  Rosco & Blippy Bun's Brand New Ice Cream Shop

It took time and hard work, but Grand Opening Day 
could not have felt, or tasted, any sweeter.

With some last minute touches to their sign, Rosco and Blippy were ready for business.

Only a handful of customers came on that 1st day
but by the 2nd ...

the word had spread.
It was almost more than they could handle,

Enjoy a refreshing cone today and don't forget the sprinkles ':)
: See more at :
Have a great week!
xo, A


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