Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sugi *Pug Wonder*

Celebrating Sugi! This beloved pug belongs to Leslie Wolf & Michael Thibodeau. I decided to try my hand at a pet portrait for Leslie's birthday this year.

Above, he enjoys a room with a view :)

This was a total joy to paint! I'll be adding more of my favorite pets here as the summer progresses.
Have a nice weekend
~ A

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011!

Happy Father's Day to my dad, R. Henderson Howard! 

Der, as mom and I like to call him, has been a great father to me! The older I get, the more I appreciate having grown up with a dad who has always taken an interest in everything I do. He's funny and smart with a unique take on the world. Plus, he has a love of animals that I've inherited. Below, best buddy, BW ;)

Love the drole expression here

Here we are at grandma Howard's above and below in Baltimore

I posted a more in depth piece about my dad last year that includes some terrific old photos with family, college friends and one with Jazz great, Les McCann! 
*Click here if you'd like to see more. 

Below, my dad's sketch, "Triple Threat". I may have better luck licensing his work than my own :D

Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you :)

Have a wonderful day all you fathers out there!! You deserve it.
xo, A

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello Sunshine!

Here's my June door painting for If I Were A Toy store, Fun at Sea! It includes some usuals like Yoga Bun and Bitty, the owners' tiny dog, who is actually much smaller than this painted version. I enjoy painting on the smooth surface of glass and it's cool to see how the other side looks when you're done.

Snorkel Dog loves turtles and clown fish!

I've added Maraca Mouse and Yoga Bun onesies to my shop on Cafepress and I hope to have some small runs printed to sell on my site soon.

 Yoga Bun prints can be purchased from my website, :')
((5x7 image with 8x10 cream mat))

The opening reception for my friend, Melissa Zexter's work was last weekend at Carrie Haddad Photographs in Hudson, NY. It was great to see her pieces displayed in the front gallery. I had a terrific time meeting new people, dining on Mexican twice in one night and roasting marshmallows for breakfast the next day :) 

The gallery is located on charming Warren Street. Here, the artist poses with her work.

Odille is following in her mom's footsteps, taking more pictures than any of us. This dog made quite an impression on her.

I should have taken some photos earlier when the gallery was abuzz with activity. I took mine as most of us were winding down, though Mirabelle was just getting revved up ;) 
Below, Zexter poses with her kids and Anne McInnis next to a piece with their mutual friend, Alice as the model. Anne owns a wonderful shop called 12 specializing in modern antiquities at 345 Warren Street. We enjoyed a little more wine and chatted in her shop after the show. She's one of those people you feel like you've known for years. Her store also carries some beautiful gold jewelry designed by Rosanne Pugliese :)

Leslie's friend from college, Peter Aaron currently lives around the corner from the gallery. Here he poses with her and Zex outside. Peter is the music editor for Hudson Valley's Chronogram Magazine and was in the band The Chrome Cranks :D

Lance had to get down to business at their place in Tannersville. Sawing down ferns is a man's job ;D
Melissa's show will be up until July 3rd. 
Have a lovely Sunday!  ~A


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