Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer and the City 2

Pics of the hot days here in Brooklyn and Manhattan...

Brought my Kewpie doll back with me from Richmond a few weeks ago and enjoy seeing this bright funny face each day!

This dog was so sweet and well behaved at a recent gallery opening in Chelsea, just loved him!

Zex posing as a cool New Yorker ;)

The Flatiron is a favorite building of mine. Like the illusion of American flag sitting atop it here :')

Great details!

Took this photo for the water tower, then spotted the figure standing on nearby building. These sculptures were a big hit this Spring!

Figaro has seen better days.

Brooklyn Bridge

Glo's little doggie

Back to my neighborhood...

Mini Max on Atlantic Ave-- cute hair salon and shop for kids :D

This week, I received Peter Cottontail by Thornton W. Burgess, illustrated by Phoebe Erickson :) Soooo charming! I found the seller on a great blog, Vintage Children's Books My Kids Love

Speaking of vintage, always love a cute old cookie jar. This bear caught my eye, but I resisted. Hope he found a good home :)

Court Street has a new Spanish wine bar opening soon...

The sign is up-- Palo Cortado, can't wait to try it!!

Few of the Court Express guys across the street :'D

The light was so beautiful here, hitting the buildings on Huntington Street.
505 Court, now all condo units, is my neighbor and is undergoing a

Unfortunately, the particles from sandblasting are not so well contained. I recently came home to a living room full of dust :( Looked like I lived on the beach, if only. My windows remain closed for now, let's hope this goes fast. If anyone knows why they're not required to cover the building, I'd love to know! Court Express has to wash their cars, parked across the street, at the end of each day.

Doggies on Court Street... one awaits his owner outside the post office. This Corgie hangs with his owner outside of Book Court, a wonderful local book store :)

Lena relaxes in air conditioning...

These Wish Come True toys are from Poketo and they really work ;D

Mazzone Hardware has a great selection of plants. Wish I had a greener thumb!

Mirabelle's 7th birthday celebration is tomorrow!! Hope she likes her gifts :)

The Dumpling Dynasty series, designed by Fiona Hewitt, is super cute and fun!

F Train heading out of 9th Street and into NYC...

Coming back in...

Below, Steiner Studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard looks pretty plain, but turn toward the water and see a rather dramatic setting sun!

I hope to include some Summer and the Beach or Summer and the Country posts before summer's end.
Thanks for taking a look at my hot sweaty days in Brooklyn and NYC :)

xo, A


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