Friday, May 17, 2013

Come Sail Away

This week I painted the summer theme for If I Were A Toy store
here in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
Pirate Bear is on the lookout for hidden treasure. He is a pirate after all.

He knows it's out there somewhere!

His friends are along for the ride and they spot a curious creature.

Bear sees gold! Beautiful, shiny, yellow 
and  feathery ?

: Hello Bear :

These guys aim for speed and excitement on the water!

Skippy sees no reason to hurry.

This guy just wants back on board.

Water sports are not for everyone, but sailing
that's something we can all enjoy.
Have a great weekend! 
Hope it doesn't sail by too quickly ;)
xo, A

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013

Here I am with my wonderful mom, Anne Howard.
Obviously, we need to take better care of some of our photographs.
I wrote a more comprehensive Mother's Day tribute a few years ago.
That post includes some of my favorite photos of her, 
but these aren't bad either. 

Today I'd just like to say Happy Mother's Day
 to the most important person in my life!

I love old photos and each time I go home to Richmond, 
I sneak a few more out of the house.

She was a precious baby and she's a beautiful person, inside and out.

Here are a few photos of us together. 
She's taken many of me, but tends to be pretty camera shy herself. 

This one is from the '90s when high waisted pants were "in"
or common, at least.

Above, is from about 5 years ago inside a lighthouse at Virginia Beach.
Dad can stay on the beach all day long, but mom & I like to take 
little drives around to see what we discover.
Many of you know, it's been a difficult couple of years for my family. 
My mom has been suffering from severe depression since the fall of 2011.
This mysterious and frustrating disease has made her quite ill.
To me, it's as if her true self is being held prisoner.
So far, there has not been much, if any, progress after extended
hospital stays, medications & treatments. It is very sad,
but I still believe something could change.
The real Anne is the most generous, kind, thoughtful, curious
 and fun person I have ever known. 

Mom lunching at The Modern

I am so grateful for the trips we've taken together to Europe and for
the countless experiences I've had with her here in NYC, 
from age 14 into my 40s.
I've lived here since I was 23, but her visits several times
a year have always been the highlights. 

Posing with mom and my friends after a tasty dinner at Joe Allen.
It's remained a tradition to eat here or next door
at Orso, after seeing any show, for over 20 years!
(( appears we had a stalker this night ))

River Cafe in Brooklyn Heights, hit by Sandy, but not gone!

During mom's visits, I have (as have some of my friends) 
dined at the best restaurants (and diners - Red Flame ;)
seen great theater, on Broadway & off, taken tours of  NYC's 
architecture, viewed the city by water, visited almost every museum
& watched the greats, like Roger Federer, play at the US Open and 
last but not least, spent many a night at the Algonquin Hotel (her favorite).
Now, that's a run on sentence!

Kevin, mom, me & Mike

The last time I met friends there for drinks, 
I was shown a Christmas card, along with a photo that mom had sent, 
hanging on a wall in a room off the lobby
She continued to keep up with Mike, now retired, 
and Kevin, getting close, up until a few years ago.


Before I came to NYC with her as a teen, she visited once a year
with three of her close friends. Hearing their stories, 
I couldn't wait to experience the city for myself!

I have been fortunate to have made a great circle of girl friends 
myself and I owe that to my mom and the close relationship 
we have always had with each other.

Leslie, moi, Sheila & Melissa Z near The Good Fork

Kristine & me at Frankies

Robin at Waterfront Wines 

I pour Champagne for Margaret on New Years

As you can see, when you do not have children, 
you have more time for wine and spirits ;)

Cheers to my friends who are as 
great as moms as they are as friends!

M. Zexter with Mirabelle, Odille & Lance, a good dad  :)

Sheila & one of her daughters, Charlotte, with fresh faced flower 

Melissa and Freddy...

Melissa and Freddy, a bit less frightening ;)

Mom enjoying Venice

at Lincoln Center with Melissa Zexter

with Kristine and me at the US Open

Ahhhhh, our favorite way to end a day of touring Venice proper-
relaxing on the patio of the glorious Excelsior Hotel on Lido.
We shared our snacks with some friendly birds :)

I Love You Mom!
xo, A


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