Thursday, March 8, 2012

My 2nd Year of Painting One Door

St. Patrick's Day Dance Party * Ireland 2012 
Bartley plays the bagpipes while Siobhan, shyest sheep in the herd, 
looks on with admiration.
Brendan badger does some "Step Dancing" with Fiona Fox. 
Liam, Ciaran, Conan & Clooney dance "Shoe the Donkey" "Stack of Barley" 
and other favorites with Brianna, Bridget, Claire & Neala. 

A Venice Valentine

I painted wall murals for If I Were A Toy store two years ago this month. 
Since then, I've returned each month, well almost, to paint a new scene on their glass front door to celebrate the changing seasons and holidays. It's a treat to do and I love that the store is here in my neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. 

Santa Dog Reads his List

Here's my painted door ~ April 2011- March 2012. 

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving for Thomasina & Friends

Trick or Treat in Brooklyn

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me I Missed My Bus!

Westie at Sea

Hippity Hoppity

This is one of my favorite ongoing projects. Hope you enjoyed taking a look :)

Ohhhhh, Bartley ...

Have a delightful St Paddy's Day this year!

xo, A

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Never Trust a Bunny that Can't Dance!

Some bunny had to get things started and
Disco Bun couldn't resist dancing to Shake Your Groove Thing. 
Tiny dog, Toby requested it, quite possibly his favorite song from the '70s!

Remember, "Groove is in the Heart" -- Deee Lite

Happy Sunday!
xo, A


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