Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mirabelle's Birthday Celebration

Here are Mirabelle and her younger sister, Odille. These two lovely girls are the daughters of my very close friends, Lance and Melissa. They live only a few blocks from me in Brooklyn. Melissa & I also share a work studio in my building. She is an amazing photographer. I will be profiling her work here soon. Her parents, Nancy & Bob Zexter hosted Mirabelle's delightful birthday party at their home in Swansea, Massachusettes!

The Zexter house is located on a public golf course, which is beautifully maintained. Besides seeing players out on the course, there are plenty of bunnies, birds and field mice, too. It is quite a charming place to visit.

Above some amateurs on the field ;) A charity tournament was played on Saturday, the day of the party, making it seem extra festive!

I'm only giving you a sneak peek at their home in this post, because there is much to show. As antique dealers, Bob & Nancy have a very unique home. Above is a mural Nancy painted years ago in one of the bedrooms.

Here Melissa is whipping up the cake batter after a quick swim at the pool that morning. She's wearing the high school t-shirt of her good friend since that time, Leslie Wolf (ie the Woofer ;)

Odille waits patiently, yet looking a bit forlorn here...

After numerous attempts to light all the candles in the breeze, one seems to be enough for Mirabelle to make her wish!

This is Rosie, she's as sweet as she is big!! That's saying a lot, too. She belongs to Phil (Melissa's brother) his wife, Kelly and their kids, Lily and Ethan. Think she's eyeing some cake here.

The Groucho Marx glasses were a big hit, but now it's time for quiet contemplation...

Apparently, Odille was excited about the pinata all week and time was closing in on him here.

I've spared you the violence, but only because I was videotaping the event while Lance held tight to the pinata. Unassuming little children took swipes at his head and body until he crashed to the ground. The candy was snatched up in mere seconds!

Noah was the youngest that day and I found him endlessly entertaining & cute to watch!!

Love this moment above as Odille makes a big bubble :)

It was a perfect little celebration on a sunny Saturday in Swansea!!

Mirabelle loves Playmobil, like most kids here age. I enjoy it myself!

HaPpY bIrThDaY MiRaBeLlE!!!!!!!
I will be posting more on this visit since Bob was kind enough to take my mom & me all around Rhode Island. He and Nancy could not have been more gracious! We both had a wonderful time!! Thank You again :D

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Mirabelle!!!

July 22nd is the birthday of one of my favorite little girls in the World! Mirabelle Zexter Kaiser turned 6 yesterday. I can't believe it. Time truly flies!!

Above, Mirabelle tries on her tiara during a super fantastic Fairy God-Mother Ceremony honoring me and also my mother, who was granted the title of Fairy Grand-God Mother ;)

She was the very 1st to model my Brooklyn Buckaroo t-shirt line and was such a pro here at Carroll Park!

Above, she and her mom mimic the Tooth Dance in front of this whacky mural painted to enhance a rather unsightly dentist office.
My mom & I look forward to visiting Mira, Melissa, Lance, Odille, Nancy & Bob for a super-duper celebration in Rhode Island this weekend :D Yippy Yay! Parties & Cake!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back from Beach

Back in Brooklyn after nice little vacation in Virginia Beach :) Post to follow at a later date...

Always happy after a safe landing! Thanks US Airways ;D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Guest Blogger Blogs about...Allyn

Hello to all of you out there in Blogland! My friend Allyn had asked me to contribute to her blog while she vacations at Virginia Beach. At first, the idea seemed daunting. What would I write about? I do not live in Brooklyn, but rather in the hinterlands of New Jersey (gasp). So I am not exactly privy to what goes on in Carrol Gardens. I AM however, somewhat knowledgeable about my friend Allyn, who has not divulged too much about herself here on Blipadee.

It's my pleasure to do so myself. :) So here goes.I will start with a picture of the artist taken at Books of Wonder's cafe this past March. See that bright smile? Don't let it fool you. She has a criminal record and did a stint at Sing Sing back in '91. (Ok, I made that up)

We went to the US Open last summer and got to see some big-time players warming up. This is Allyn sneaking into the bushes to catch close up photos of players like Rafael Nadal and a bunch of others. (There was only so much room to see them on the court, so the girl did what she had to do to glimpse some muscular legs). I'll let her post some of THOSE pics one of these days...

Next up is Allyn's great apartment in Carrol Gardens. Not only is her art interesting, but her living space is also a work of art. No one does color like this girl. She has vibrant pink, yellows and greens throughout. Add to this kitschy knick knacks, great art and funky lamps and her place takes on a museum quality. Her cat is also as skiddish as mine. I felt right at home. :)

Many a great artist are cheered on by great, loving mothers. Ask Andy Warhol. (Wait, that opportunity has passed, but trust me here.) Meet Anne Howard. Here are Allyn and her mom toasting at the Algonquin hotel last fall . Anne is a delightful, spirited and fun woman who comes to New York several times a year to spend time with her daughter. They take in all kinds of great restaurants, shows and museums together. She has been nice enough to include me in their plans many a time and I am so touched by her generosity. (Even the aforementioned US Open. It was fun to watch Anne drool over all the hot tennis men. And because of her, I have witnessed firsthand, the beauty that is Carlos Moya! Mreeeeeeoooowww! )

Here is one of Anne so you can see she has an entire face behind that cup-pretty smile included.

This was taken at "The Modern" (MOMA). Again, Allyn's mom let me tag along and I got to experience one of the best meals of my life. I can still taste that salmon entree if I close my eyes.
Every detail was impeccable. I think Heaven is lined with their dessert trays.

I met Allyn at SVA during a continuing ed class in the Spring of 2008. She sat in the front and I sat behind her somewhere in the third or fourth row. I barely spoke to her because of this, but I was always impressed that she did all the assignments and seemed more enthusiastic than most of the students. I always had to run out of there at the end to make the trek home, but somehow we kept in touch once class ended. I think our first outing was to Javits to see a licensing show, and we soon bonded over Thai food and wine when our feet began to burn and we hauled out of there.

So I hope this gives you a glimpse of the girl who runs this blog. She is funny, honest, supportive, bold, intelligent and most of all, a good friend to many. Allyn always tells me that she knew we would become friends when we first met. And I am so glad we did. :)

Thanks for letting me ramble and Allyn, I hope you are having a great time!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

En Route to Va. Beach

I'm on my way to meet my parents for a little vacation in Virginia Beach! Yay :) I've been visiting since I was a kid and it's just as fun!! If I miss you next week, I will make up for it ;D

Lighthouse Va. Beach
Little Lena in her red chair. Will miss her so much! Hope she likes her cat sitter!!

See you when I get back! Don't forget to enjoy your summer!!


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