Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Mirabelle!!!

July 22nd is the birthday of one of my favorite little girls in the World! Mirabelle Zexter Kaiser turned 6 yesterday. I can't believe it. Time truly flies!!

Above, Mirabelle tries on her tiara during a super fantastic Fairy God-Mother Ceremony honoring me and also my mother, who was granted the title of Fairy Grand-God Mother ;)

She was the very 1st to model my Brooklyn Buckaroo t-shirt line and was such a pro here at Carroll Park!

Above, she and her mom mimic the Tooth Dance in front of this whacky mural painted to enhance a rather unsightly dentist office.
My mom & I look forward to visiting Mira, Melissa, Lance, Odille, Nancy & Bob for a super-duper celebration in Rhode Island this weekend :D Yippy Yay! Parties & Cake!!!!!!!!

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