Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ruby Moriarty in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

This is Ruby Moriarty -- A new shop opened by Jessica Dineen at 516 Court Street between Nelson & Huntington Streets in Brooklyn, NY. I first met Jessica about 10 years ago when she & her husband, Terry ran their space as an art gallery. I brought some slides over and it turned out I had been in a painting class with Terry at NYU. He is a very talented artist and they curated some fun shows here. I had the chance to exhibit in a couple myself! Her new store showcases her great line of handmade dresses, as well as her lines of skirts, ties (for women!), bandanas in playful, vintage fabrics and an array of super cute Japanese vinyl bags by minmie (pictured in window below) also Pocky bags and best of all-- the real thing-- Pocky chocolate sticks! In fact, plenty of tasty japanese candies can be found here! You will also find some cool jewelry, kids' pajamas, stationery and my *adorable Brooklyn Buckaroo line of baby & toddler tees, plus tanks for women :)


One of Jessica's lovely summer dresses and a bag by Minmie...

Ties are Cool!! Hello Annie Hall ;)

Funky fun necklaces drape The Last Supper above...

Such cute and colorful pajamas for kids (will have to get back with name on these, sorry)

Yes! That is Popeye the Sailorman you see. You never know what film or cartoon you may see projected while you shop.

Above is Ruby, herself, taking a nap...

This is a detail of a neat-o game called Paradice designed by John O'Neil that doubles as sculpture!
Jessica's style infuses the shop with a fun mix of sleek & modern with tongue-in-cheek vintage, which combines to give Ruby a smart, yet easy going feel. Neighbors, shoppers, browsers and friends stop in, often to find nice snacks & lemonade in back.

*Sneak peek at fabrics for new skirts!

Oh soooo cute ;)

Here is Iris (Jessica's daughter & top notch model) in a Top Dog Tee (now wearing a women's medium!) Think it fits, because I've been using American Apparel for my designs & they are all cut quite tiny, even for kids!! Nice choices in colors, though. I love this hot pink.

Here is Jessica with Iris from 4 or 5 years ago. Jessica & Terry moved to Ireland for a period of time (with Iris & her older brother) and I've rarely been as flattered as I was when they contacted me about sending another Rocky Rabbit Tee because Iris had to have another (can't remember if the original was too dirty or lost?) Nevertheless, she remains one of my best promoters!!
Ruby 516 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 Phone 347.275.0770
Hours: Thurs 1-7p Fri-Sat 1-6p and by appointment :)
Take F or G train to the Carroll Street or Smith & 9th Street Station


mzexter said...

Very colorful. Love the tie with a Dot Candy skirt.

kristine said...

Great post! What fun display!

kristin brenneman eno said...

I love POCKY! Can't wait to explore RUBY the shop.


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