Monday, December 30, 2013

Merci Paris! my best decision 2013

Those who know me well, or even a little, 
know I love stuffed animals. 
The old, falling apart, once beloved are of course,
my favorites.

Those seeking a new lease on life at a Paris Flea Market,

June 2013 was the final month that my good friends,
Margaret and Scott, would be living in Paris. 
Scott is the creative director at Le Laboratoire located in 
Paris and Cambridge, Mass. where they currently reside. 

I made it in the nick of time.
It's probably the best decision I made in 2013,
which is why I'm sharing it with you on a year end post.

Here, a small selection of photos from my all too brief, 
but wonderful stay in Paris.

Me, happy as I could be!
The weather was ideal and it felt like a true gift. 
I know from Margaret how cold and damp the winter had been.
We spent my 1st Saturday wandering all over the city.

Yes, Starbucks is popular in Paris, 
due in large part to Wi Fi  :)

Love locks on Pont des Arts bridge represent eternal love, 
but like a doomed affair, it may soon be over :(
They've become a hazard to boats below and possibly the bridge, itself. Read more.

Scott joined us Saturday night to eat at La Mangerie, a charming, dimly lit, 
delicious tapas restaurant in the Marais district on the Right Bank.
They knew the maitre d' from various visits when they were living nearby.
He makes his own rum fusion delights :)

I missed my chance to stay at their large 3-bedroom sublet in the Marais. 
C'est la vie

Their apt in Canal St Martin was tiny, so I opted 
to stay in an even tinier place right across the canal.

It was my 1st experience with an AirBnB and I 
highly recommend it! 
It was little, as I said, and without a view, but perfect for my needs. 
AirBnBs make travelling affordable 
and you get to pretend you live there for a time.

That's Henri Hippo on my counter,
you'll meet him a bit later.

Henri hippo, my  flea market pick, enjoys his 1st dessert in a Paris cafe.

Margaret and I enjoyed a refreshing glass of wine 
at every opportunity, which
presented itself quite regularly ;)

I loved all the houseboats along the Seine 
and I have countless pics to prove it. 
Choosing a few to share is hard for me.

Cool car, huh? I read on Messy Nessy Chic blog 
that it was used in an old film. 

I spent most afternoons by myself. Because I've visited Paris before
I felt free to simply roam and let each day unfold without
the pressure of seeing all the sights and art there is to offer.
Of course it's hard to miss, since practically everything is a sight in itself.

Days like this were perfect, little surprises, moments in time made my trip.
I stumbled upon a trainer tossing balls in the Seine River
for his dogs to fetch. Here is a cute video if you're interested - 
This is simply too sweet -

Margaret told me that the blue bunny was, apparently 
located and returned to his rightful home.

The children in Paris, adorable.

The macarons in Paris, adorable.

The pups in Paris, adorable.

A funny thing happened at the Louvre one night.

This Jack Russell took a swim by the pyramid!
Click Here for video :D

A chandelier, one of many in Napoleon's extravagant Apartments at the Louvre.
When in Paris, take the Bateux Mouches at night. You will thank me!

My pictures can't begin to express how magical it is.

We've all seen countless images of the Eiffel Tower,
but coming up on it by boat at night defies all expectations.
It is really something to behold. 

You'll have to trust me if you haven't seen it in person this way.

Above, the stunning Notre Dame.

I was happy to locate the hotel where my mom and I had 
stayed years ago. 
Built in 1480, Relais du Vieux Paris is in the Latin Quarter
on the Left Bank. My mom loves history and had read about it being 
the choice for the "Beat Generation" in the 60s.
Kerouac, Burroughs & Ginsberg were known to have stayed here.

This bar/club/hang-out was very cool, filled with old funky
art, objects, posters, you name it. Sadly, I cannot remember the name. 
It's located in the Canal St Martin area.

Scott caught us prepping for the photo. 

Scott and Margaret hug each other.

I hug a tree.

This man waved bonjour :)

Curvy clean station!

What did you say to me? Get outta my box! 
my interpretation.

A rude awakening for Henri.
He'd heard so much about Brooklyn, but a rainy day anywhere 
can put a damper, so to speak, on one's expectations.

He has since adjusted and gets along swimmingly with the 
others here on Court Street, the real and the plush ;)
* Have a Great 2014 *
May you travel : Discover things about the world, yourself, your loves, your likes!
I await a fresh new start with much anticipation. 
xo, A


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