Tuesday, November 25, 2014

almost Thanksgiving 2014

: Thomasina Turkey hosts a Vegetarian Thanksgiving :

Thomasina blew outta Brooklyn on her scooter
back in 2010, after learning just what was in store for her!
She's since lived in the woods with her family and friends.

I painted this several years ago for If I Were A Toy store.
Most of you know that I painted monthly custom scenes 
on this store's front door since 2010. 
They closed shop earlier this year, but my doors live on here :)

I share this one every year because I like it.
Hope you have much to feel thankful for this year.
I do.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

xo, A

Friday, November 7, 2014

Can I share my lunch with you?

Happy Friday! Hello fall. 
It's been blissfully mild so far and the trees look beautiful with their multi colored leaves.
I hope it remains a friendly season :)

It's true, the holidays are around the corner. 
I'll add some Christmas & holiday cards to my Etsy shop next week, 
but for the next few days (thru Sun Nov 9th) 
Receive $5 OFF ALL of my products in my Society6 Shop, pillows, bags, art prints, 
everything ... plus Free Delivery. Just click - AllynHoward to grab your deal

* This is a small sampling of what's in my shop *

It's probably obvious that much of my work is inspired by springtime, 
the colors, flowers blossoming, birds singing 
... that kind of thing. 
However, I do love fall and even wintertime (sometimes). 
New York City is especially magical during the holiday season.
 I'm happy, just as long as I have on enough layers to stay warm.

mugs, rather mug (double sided- see who's on the other side)

cards and more, yes more :)

Thanks for stopping by!
I really appreciate you guys visiting Blipadee to read my posts 
and those of you who just take a peek to see what I'm up to each week.
It means a lot to me. Enjoy your weekend.
xo, A


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