Friday, November 4, 2011

Hello November!

Yesterday, I painted my monthly door for If I Were A Toy store here in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Some of you will remember last November's door, Thomasina Blows Outta Brooklyn! She made it out in the nick of time. This year, she enjoys a vegetarian Thanksgiving with her friends in the forest :) 

Dinner was my mom's lovely idea, I just knew I'd like to show Thomasina again. Somehow her feathers this year are blue, not red. hmmm

I love lanterns and dogs in hats :)

Cat trying to get in on the action!

I hate being in the way of people walking into the store, but everyone is so nice and I love hearing what kids think.Yesterday, a little boy asked me if I was painting the wind. I'm glad he could tell, since this sky is pretty active looking.

This is my sketch.

Hope your November is off to a nice start! 
Don't forget to turn back your clocks Saturday night. 
Have a swell weekend!! xo, A


kristine lombardi said...

This is adorable. LOVE that they are going veggie this year. Otherwise that turkey would be a cannibal. lol

You are getting more and more detailed each time you do a window. Nice work!!!

Allyn Howard said...

Thanks K!!
veggie might be a little hard for some of these animals, turkey must look pretty good to fox, bear, raccoon, dog & cat...


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