Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For the Love of Etsy!

I have a renewed, refreshed, revived love of Etsy, the world's most vibrant handmade marketplace :) 
Not sure why I was gone so long as a seller. As a consumer, Etsy is often on my mind. After purchasing jewelry from favorite shops, Nest Pretty Things and Sora Designs a lovely carved elephant from Sandra Healy and plenty of fabric, trim and craft books from This & That from Japan (despite my lack of sewing ability) I decided I should give my shop another go. Up top you can see my new header and here is a sampling of the cards and  prints I recently added. 

See more at my store and check out a few of my talented friends' new shops too- Jordan SpilmanJaneKirby and Kristin Brenneman Eno's Halflight 

Below are just some of my latest faves--

                                                         Doberman Print by Jordan Spilman

                                                           Earrings by Nest Pretty Things 

                                                           Art Print by Little Brown Pen

                                                  Toddler Fox dress by Wild Things Dresses

                                                          Woodland Bear by Sleepy King

                                               Painting- Nautical Menagerie by Lisa Congdon

                                                      Crochet Small Monkey by Millie Fern

Click to see more of My Favorites :) Trust me, you'll see some really cute, pretty and fabulous decor, jewelry, toys, art & photography! I love that you can easily bookmark faves, just in case you can't afford to buy it all at once.

*and don't wait til it's too late to order your Christmas & Holiday Cards!! 
xo, A

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