Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cheers to a New Decade!

Resolutions 2010... Hope you enjoy :D

Helena hedgehog looks ahead with mix of joy, fear & anticipation...

25 Resolutions as illustrated above and in no particular order:

1. Learn Spanish
2. Meet more handsome Spaniards
3. Be mindful of how I spend money & save
4. Keep list of favorite wines
5. Consume less sugar
6. Organize studio
7. Meditate and practice regularly
8. Appreciate good conversation
9. See all of James Purefoy's films
10. Send baby tees to Roger & Mirka's twins
11. Create full line of greeting & notecards
12. License artwork to manufacturers of quality products
13. Travel lightly
14. Live in Barcelona for a month or more
15. Paint something, anything, big or small every day
16. See more movies in theaters
17. Venture up past 23rd street more often
18. Maintain health and be grateful for it
19. DVR 30 Rock, Community, Modern Family, pbs Masterpiece Mystery series
20. Work on more efficient use of time, less procrastination
21. Springtime: Exercise more outside / Wintertime: Plastic on all windows
22. Give $ when I can & get involved in community projects
23. Invite friends over more often for vino & snacks
24. Dance whenever possible
25. Be open to ideas & advice of others

***Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!!***


janelorenzo84 said...

These are so fun Ally, just like you! Happy New Year!!

Margot said...

Allyn, thanks for your kind words. I check your blog all the time! I love it. And james Purefoy.

Anonymous said...

nouvelle année heureuse! J'aime vos peintures colorées et ce blog avec du charme :)

Carola said...

Really enjoy your blog.. and find the resolutions pretty interesting. I am from Spain and live in the hood. Maybe we could get together at some point, grab some vino and talk about the handsome Spaniards (found it hilarious that you posted a picture of Zapatero...)

¡Feliz Año!

Allyn said...

Hi Carola,

I'm glad you enjoy it! Do you still have a blog? don't see listed, what part of neighborhood are you in? I could talk about the Spaniards any time ;) Thanks for commenting!

Carola said...

Hola Allyn,

Here you have the link to my blog:

I am by Le Petit Cafe area, and I saw your painting hanging at Fat Cat, so I think we are pretty close to each other. Yes, we can talk about Spaniards a lot, too... hope I won't destroy the mystique :)


Allyn said...

Hola Carola,

I checked out your blog and it looks great. Sadly I can't read very much of it, since I've yet to seriously use my "Rosetta Stone" to study Spanish. I will look again once I've learned more! We'll have to meet sometime, realize I may have to let go of mystique of the Spaniard. No one's perfect i guess ;)

Carola said...

We should definitely get together. I am around in the hood on the weekends...It's always nice to talk about your home over a good glass of wine... Spanish, of course! ;)


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