Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brooklyn Social

As you walk by rows of shops & boutiques along Smith Street you will run into an inconspicuous bar called Brooklyn Social
This is where I meet up with friends for early Friday night cocktails...

Brooklyn Social was originally an Italian social club called "Societa Riposto" or "Company Store". Opened in April 2004, the owner, Matt Dawson has maintained an interior in keeping with the original. This includes old framed photographs, many of original members, plaques and trophies. All of the fixtures are authentic, as is the pressed red, tin ceiling. Bartenders dress the part, too!

Above, the Friday night Ladies' Night regulars, Stephanie, Melissa (aka Zexter) and Leslie (aka Lester). There are some other revolving members, but few as committed as these 3 !

Rules to live by, below :)

Would love to know who this woman was? Great wallpaper in this cute little nook where she hangs.

Back room with pool table gets very busy later in night.

This is Ivan Martin, a most charming & generous bartender who is around on weekends. It's possible you recognize him from any number of television shows or films in which he's appeared. He most recently attended the CineVegas Film Festival for the premiere of a new film "Daylight" directed by David Barker. Click here to view the fun promo he shot with fellow actor & bartender, Michael Godere (some shot in bar) It's quite entertaining! I recommend checking it out :D

Brooklyn Social is known for mixing a terrific cocktail like Matt's Ginger Old-Fasioned (bourbon, ginger, sugar, cherries, orange, bitters & soda) and the Riposto (vodka, tangerine slices & rosemary). I'm often intrigued by the varieties listed on the menu, but tend to fall back on my favorite-- a cold, clean & bubbly glass of Prosecco! Add a cherry mmm mmm Good :)
Can get very busy as night progresses. I prefer to come early and grab a table or sit at the bar. Can always use this little cubby hole for those moments when you've just got to hear what the person on the other end is saying!

A safer way to travel after cocktails. Of course, walking is fine, too-- doesn't have to be a straight line ;)

*ps they serve tasty & inexpensive pannini, too. Wish they had Utz potato chips, oh well, can't have everything!

Brooklyn Social is located at 335 Smith Street near Carroll / F train to Carroll St. Stop
Phone 718.858.7758 Hours: M-Th 6p-2a, F & Sat 6p-4a, Sun 5p-2a *Cash only Enjoy!


mzexter said...

What a cute bartender! Cherries in Sparkling drinks - sounds delish!
Luv ya! said...

Looks like a fun hangout! where are pics of you?

Anonymous said...

enjoy the laid back atmosphere & well made drinks! also, it's near lots of good restaurants.


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