Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Provence en Boite

It's French with a delicate hint of Brooklyn!

This dog knows a good croissant when he sees or rather, smells one! This is Provence en Boite a quaint & quintessentially French Patisserie & Bistro owned and operated by Leslie & Jean Jaques Bernat. Here you will find an authentic French atmosphere & delicious food and wine to match. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner with some wonderful dinner specials Mon-Thurs. In this post, I have focused on their style and beautiful little pastries, since that is what I have come here to enjoy most often. It's also worth noting that they offer an extensive wine list and have a full bar. Friendly waitstaff, as well!

*By the way, Stinky cheese (above) has some fabulous cheeses, if you're fortunate enough to tolerate lactose and a strong aroma, that is!

I've enjoyed many terrific brunches here and I am a big fan of their sweet crepes, chocolate croissants & numerous pastries. I do occasionally eat more substantial meals with protein, but my tendency has been to stick, figuratively speaking, to sweets when I'm here. Too hard to resist. Wait til you see the desserts below!

Love all the little tin cans, pictures and bottles :)

This is Leslie above on the phone-- wish I had taken a nicer photo because she could not be more charming or engaging. She stays quite busy and takes great care to see that Provence maintains it's tidy and enticing appearance.

Sparkling drinks by Rieme and their line of syrups below.

I sometimes think I should have become a pastry chef. Have no idea if I'd be any good at it, but I adore the bright colors, luscious icings, beautiful chocolates, sweet creams and the overall sugary appeal of it all!! I know it influences my artwork & I love a painting that looks good enough to eat! *Side note-- if you feel the same about the visual appeal of such sweets then you must rent Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette ;D

Pastry chef had just brought these triangular treats out on Saturday while I was there. I neglected to ask what these are called, but what a superb yellow!

Tasty macaroons above in an assortment of colors, plus the candy below isn't bad either. Provence will make any kid swoon and just so happens this is a kid-friendly bistro. I've been several times with a variety of friends, little ones in tow, and it's always been a pleasant experience. Dogs are allowed too of course!

Malabar Bubble Gum with tattoos! Plus, mascot total dreamboat, why not buy the whole box?

As you can see, they also have sidewalk seating. Oh yea, there is a TV in back near kitchen, seems bit outta place here, but I was happy to find it one night several years ago. Caught a tennis match I'd wanted to see. Don't worry the tele is pretty conspicuous in general.

Provence en Boite is located at 263 Smith Street between DeGraw & Douglass Street
F or G Train to Bergen or Carroll Stop / Hours: M-Sun 8am-10pm phone 718.797.0707


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