Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Few Crafty Crafters

The 5th Annual Renegade Craft Fair was last weekend at McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I went on Sunday with no intention of blogging about it, but I have to mention 3 crafters whose work I found particularly cute or charming!

The 1st is Zooguu handmade plush toys. I met Jen Gubicza, the owner and creator of these adorable round puffy animals. She began selling her stuffed toys on Etsy in 2006 under the name Sweetestpea. Her husband, Brian Gubicza, a freelance illustrator, is involved with developing character ideas & some of production.

Love this hedgehog! I noticed hedgehogs are giving birds, owls & cupcakes a run for their money ;) Actually, they may have already taken over as most popular character this year!

I find the roundness of these animals to be extremely appealing :D Take a look at Zooguu to see so much more, plus free downloads, games & more! Jen and Brian currently live & work in Brooklyn. She is also a freelance designer for Big Blue Dot specializing in "design & strategy for companies that care about kids."

Below is a sweet necklace by The Intuitive Garden Every piece is made by Candace, who I did not have a chance to talk to since she was quite busy with her customers. You can see her profile and read a fun interview with Candace on her Etsy shop. I was drawn to her jewelry for the color and careful, yet casual line work on pieces like this one called "Space Garden". I also like her photographic pieces. They are all wearable art!
Space Garden Necklace

Spring Fling Ring

Little Bloom Pendant

Tangled Bliss Pendant

Red Fiesta Earrings

Vibrant Pendant-- I love this pendant! It's quietly festive & fun!! Candace lives & works in Northern Massachusettes and you can view a full line of her jewelry at The Intuitive Garden shop on Etsy.

Astulabee is Nicole Licht, she stiches unique limited edition and one-of-a-kind soft sculptures. I found these animals incredibly charming and sweet. Wish I had purchased the bunny I saw. Luckily she sells her pieces on Etsy , but make sure to browse her gallery on Astulabee and also view press, interviews & awards she has received.

Sweetheart Pony (reduced price through Thursday 6/11 midnight)

Mr. Golden Cape Woodlander (reduced price)

Custom Pony

Wintry White Woodsy Ghost (reduced price through Thursday 6/11 midnight)

Nicole lives & works in Brooklyn, NY. Her handsewn creations are carefully crafted and sturdy, too!

This building below is off of McCarren Park and I love the design, even though I usually prefer old townhouses & brownstones. The windows, alone, on this are fantastic! Can easily imagine painting masterpieces in one of these well lit rooms ;)

Can't pass up a cute little doggie!

Full trash cans are a good indicator the fair was popular. Hope it was all successfully cleaned up!

Visit the Renegade Craft website for upcoming shows. There are several coming up-- one in Los Angeles, San Francisco & Chicago, where it originated.
*ps I neglected to mention that I attended the fair with my wonderfully talented friend, Kristine Lombardi known for her colorful whimsical style and splendid hand lettering. I will be profiling her work here at a later date, but feel free to check out her fabulous illustrations on her website anytime :)


kristine said...

What? Your craft partner in crime doesn't get any press here? Geez! :)

kristin brenneman eno said...

nice picks! i love renegade ** and was there sunday too, surprised we didn't see each other!
also: i love astulabee! i was also happy to run into nicole again at the show : ) and i'm saving up for one of her creations....

Jen (zooguu) said...

Thanks for highlighting my plush! It was so nice to meet you at Renegade. :)

Carola said...


This post is dangerous... Loved the pictures of all the items and now I know what I am getting my nephews and niece... and even some for myself :)


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