Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Post

It's another Sunday post!
Here's a little snapshot of my week. Hope you find something you like.
This painting, above, is a vibrant multi-colored version of the piece I made below, last spring.
I painted over it, on a layer of acetate, basically giving me two for one.
Sometimes using an old school process that pre-dates photoshop, is fun. 
Kristine Lombardi recently saw it in my apt and exclaimed (without my prompting) "I Love It"!
It's great to have a friend who freely shares her enthusiasm when she likes something.

My Doggie bag, on the sidewalk holding extra vinyl for touch ups on Monday's job.
I like the two oranges together :)

Meanwhile, Lisa Congdon's Art, Inc waits for me on my work table. 
Lisa is teaching a FREE class online this Tues 30th & Wed 1st
through Creative Live 
**Plus, she'll be including samples of my friend, 
Melissa Iwai's work in her section on branding. 

Prop man, Bentley checks out the shiny British Taxi, one of several picture cars for a commercial.

The prop guys asked it's owner to take our photo with it, he kindly obliged. I like this BW version.

and a few us couldn't resist a selfie 
and one of us did his best Miley Cyrus impression ;)

AdWeek wrote a piece about a Motorola commercial that I worked on in August.
Bryon Finn charged it and put in the longest hours (from our crew, at least) 
It was shot at Grumman Studios on Long Island. 

Scenic painters (like myself), prop and carpentry departments execute the 
agency's vision, as well as that of the director. 
We work directly with the production designer to accomplish this. 
Clem Price-Thomas, whom we work with often, designed this set of ads.
You won't find us in the credits, for we are the unsung heroes ;)
My shots don't do justice to the overall look and scale of these ads,
 but if you watch the videos, you'll recognize these two sets and this 
sweet beagle in one of the spots.

Gold leafing

almost finished sets

just getting started (again & again on this one)

View of set up and ready to shoot w/ monitor

They're pretty cool spots! See the "behind the scenes" and videos here

This is Samson, a 9 month old Bull Mastiff and Zeus, a 10 year old mixed breed.
I met them walking back to Broadway Stages in Greenpoint, Brooklyn this week.
Needless to say, they are a perfect pair!

In other news, I was happy to learn that my illustration, Big Bun, Little Bun

was voted as one of 4 images to make it on the cover of the B&W 
CBIG directory this fall. It will share space with my friend, Yuko Katakawa
and fellow illustrators, Patricia Keeler and Barbara Dilorenzo :)

Thursday night's rainbow, as seen from a little corner of my neighborhood
I know that pot of gold is out there somewhere ;)

Have a great week!
xo, A

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September - kicking some a$$

Hi, it's me. 
I'm happy it's Sunday, grateful to have slept late and looking forward
to another beautiful New York week in September.

The skies have been stunning all month long. 
My work as a scenic artist has been very very busy, but 
I did take a mini vacation with two wonderful fun friends.
I also had the chance to see two inspiring creative people discuss 
the business of art, at a terrific neighborhood bookstore.
Sharing lots of photos today. If you're up for even more
then visit me on Instagram :)

Scenics, Bryon Finn and Michael Taranov get started
on a set piece at Artificial Reality.

190th St subway station. Love this simple old sign.

En route to Hopewell Junction, New York.
I wish I could share more photos from this commercial. It was a lot of work,
but looked pretty cool in the end. It's not that I'm mysterious, it's that we 
are expected to keep most of what we do confidential, since these 
don't air til weeks, sometimes months after shooting.

I enjoy new locations, since we tend to spend most of our time in
carpentry/scene shops or in windowless stages in LIC, NY.

This is Shenandoah farm in the Hudson Valley.
Above, my brand new Gloria sprayer and little orange funnel for aging 
and distressing set pieces.

The young man who worked with the grips to move around scenery was great. 
It's primarily a dairy farm, meet Stella, below (ok, I named her that)

Living in Brooklyn for so long has given me a great appreciation for land and this family has a lot of it!

Prop guys in discussion amidst the "destruction".

I took a train home late that Friday night and 
happily hopped on one Sunday morning to visit Montauk :)

Thom Baker, Kristine Lombardi and I rented a couple of rooms in a 
lovely house, a 5 minute walk to Ditch Plains beach.

I wish we could have stayed a little longer. The house was all ours, with two decks, 
the top had a view of both the ocean and lake. 
Upon arriving, we saw a small brown bunny in the backyard, a good omen for
Kristine's picture book about, yes- a brown bunny, due out this spring!

Here's the room I shared with Kristine. 

I chose the small bed for the cozy nook and nice window.

Sailboat wall art - I like the minimal mod style. 

Meet 'n Greet


As you can see, we experienced a gorgeous sunset our very 1st night.

This was taken from Thom's deck. 
Below, from Gosman's Dock.

This pic above is for Melissa Zexter. She loves cheap sunglasses!

Here, I step into a vintage convertible Cougar, not really, but it's fun to pretend.

Charming table outside John's Pancake House. The line is not nearly as long in the fall :)

It's nice and low key during off peak season. Unfortunately, some places are 
closed Mon-Wed (and some until next summer).

Nice signs ...

Retro over Real Estate is particularly endearing. This is Whoa! Nellie!
great shop, but closed Tues & Wed. Darn! Nellie!

I had forgotten that I'd been here a few times, years ago with Stephanie Ferrante.
Steph loves Montauk and I used to tag along in the summer.
I think the last time I went was sadly, about 7 or 8 years ago. Time really flies.

It overlooks Fort Pond Bay and we witnessed another pretty sunset on our last night. 
The sailboat obviously added to the moment. 
Montauket is known for it's bar & view, more than for it's food and hotel rooms. 
It's nice to see locals, but most people are gone by the time the sun is down!

If I owned a car, I would have to have one for my steering wheel!

Bionic Woman stares out from her window at Whoa! Nellie! retro

new friend

So long Montauk. 
Thanks for the great weather, though a bit chilly to swim (for me)
the bikes, tasty food and cute dogs on the beach :)
Oh yeah and to the guys of Surf Taxi, who seemed happy
to chat and to recommend restaurants!

Most of all, Thank You Thom for working out our stay.
I loved it!

Back to NYC

Once home, there was just enough time to eat dinner at Frankie's 
(just turned 10 years old, btw, again - time flies!)
Kristine, Melissa Iwai, Yuko Katakawa and I met up at 
Powerhouse Arena in Dumbo for Lisa Congdon's book launch of Art, Inc
Grace Bonney, creator and force behind Design Sponge, interviewed her.

Photo courtesy Kristine Lombardi

It was a fun informative interview with an artist I've admired for years.
She is doing everything I'm striving to do in my own career. Lisa consistently exhibits
and sells her work, illustrates on commission, licenses designs to manufacturers
is represented by high profile agent, Lilla Rogers and has now written 
several books for Chronicle, including this one.
I would only add children's picture books to my wish list.
To me she is living the dream. 
It's helpful to hear about the steps she took.
Lisa uses social media brilliantly and spoke candidly about it.
She also talked about the self doubt that all artists experience, 
about managing a full time job while creating and the ups & downs
of running a business while staying true to yourself. 
She didn't begin making art until she was in her 30s, 
after taking an art class along with her brother. 
Yes, I feel jealous, but it's not too awful ;)
Above, I ask some questions as she graciously signs my book. 
I'm looking forward to reading it!

Another day, another job. September has been a money maker.
This one is blissfully located in the West Village.
I can't share pics of our set, but we worked our butts off on Friday,
yesterday wasn't so easy either.
It was tough to put a crew together with so much television being shot
at the moment. Two of the scenics I hired, I was meeting for the 1st time.
All I can say is, I got lucky. It was a hard working crew under a quick steady pace.
Thank You to new friends - Dominick Lombardi (no relation to Kristine)
Iosef Yusuopov and old favorites, Michael Taranov and Millree Hughes!

I met the owner and creator of this solar dune buggy.
His name is Doug Manowitz of Stone Core & Shell, LLC
He's restoring the unpainted brick building above. 
He appreciated our faux stone work, which was nice, since we all 
marveled over his electric car. Apparently, it's parts were  predominantly 
taken from a VW Bug.

Millree and I followed this pretty bird on our walk to get coffee.

Back in Brooklyn, I needed milk, but if I ate peppers I'd buy this brand!


and barking ...

and finally 
Meet the sweetest puppy in the world.
He's a Chiweenie, the Mexican Hotdog, the German Taco, the Weenie-huahua.
New to me, this is a Chihuahua mixed with Dachshund breed. 
I fell in love as soon as I saw him.
He stared up at me through the window display, while other dogs were 
rolling around and playing. He was calm and quiet and just wanted some love.
Of course, I am a big proponent of adopting rescued animals, 
not to mention I can't afford this little love. 
After sitting in the shop for nearly 30 minute as he slept on my shoulder, 
I felt pretty heartbroken having to leave. 

I'm working nearby again tomorrow, so I'll stop in to say hello, 
hoping a nice family has snapped him up!
He is currently living at Le Petit Puppy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Have a good week.
xo, A


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