Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Post

It's another Sunday post!
Here's a little snapshot of my week. Hope you find something you like.
This painting, above, is a vibrant multi-colored version of the piece I made below, last spring.
I painted over it, on a layer of acetate, basically giving me two for one.
Sometimes using an old school process that pre-dates photoshop, is fun. 
Kristine Lombardi recently saw it in my apt and exclaimed (without my prompting) "I Love It"!
It's great to have a friend who freely shares her enthusiasm when she likes something.

My Doggie bag, on the sidewalk holding extra vinyl for touch ups on Monday's job.
I like the two oranges together :)

Meanwhile, Lisa Congdon's Art, Inc waits for me on my work table. 
Lisa is teaching a FREE class online this Tues 30th & Wed 1st
through Creative Live 
**Plus, she'll be including samples of my friend, 
Melissa Iwai's work in her section on branding. 

Prop man, Bentley checks out the shiny British Taxi, one of several picture cars for a commercial.

The prop guys asked it's owner to take our photo with it, he kindly obliged. I like this BW version.

and a few us couldn't resist a selfie 
and one of us did his best Miley Cyrus impression ;)

AdWeek wrote a piece about a Motorola commercial that I worked on in August.
Bryon Finn charged it and put in the longest hours (from our crew, at least) 
It was shot at Grumman Studios on Long Island. 

Scenic painters (like myself), prop and carpentry departments execute the 
agency's vision, as well as that of the director. 
We work directly with the production designer to accomplish this. 
Clem Price-Thomas, whom we work with often, designed this set of ads.
You won't find us in the credits, for we are the unsung heroes ;)
My shots don't do justice to the overall look and scale of these ads,
 but if you watch the videos, you'll recognize these two sets and this 
sweet beagle in one of the spots.

Gold leafing

almost finished sets

just getting started (again & again on this one)

View of set up and ready to shoot w/ monitor

They're pretty cool spots! See the "behind the scenes" and videos here

This is Samson, a 9 month old Bull Mastiff and Zeus, a 10 year old mixed breed.
I met them walking back to Broadway Stages in Greenpoint, Brooklyn this week.
Needless to say, they are a perfect pair!

In other news, I was happy to learn that my illustration, Big Bun, Little Bun

was voted as one of 4 images to make it on the cover of the B&W 
CBIG directory this fall. It will share space with my friend, Yuko Katakawa
and fellow illustrators, Patricia Keeler and Barbara Dilorenzo :)

Thursday night's rainbow, as seen from a little corner of my neighborhood
I know that pot of gold is out there somewhere ;)

Have a great week!
xo, A

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