Monday, April 20, 2009

bit about me

Hi! I am pretty new to blogging, so I hope you will bear with me as I navigate my way into the blogosphere. I am a fan of several, such as Design Sponge, Print & Pattern, Apartment Therapy, to name a few. Thought I should begin by sharing some things about myself. Above is the logo for my art & mural business. I specialize in artwork & custom murals for children's rooms and nurseries. My line of paintings, art prints & t-shirts are available to purchase. I continue to freelance in the film business as a union scenic artist--local 829. I predominantly work on commercials. This affords me the time I need to build & expand my own business. I'm also pursuing licensing agreements so that one day my images & characters may appear on a wide array of products in the marketplace.

I decided to start Blipadee so I could share some of my experiences as an artist here in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn. I have been in the same apartment for over 17 years and I share a work studio above it with a photographer and screenwriter. I'm a big fan of the neighborhood and I am inspired, intrigued and often amused by the people and characters who make it what it is. I plan to share interviews & photos of various neighbors, shop & cafe owners, gardeners, landlords, artists, writers & more here on Blipadee. My hope is that Blipadee becomes a place to visit for inspiration & fun, as well as a spot to share experiences, ideas & funny stories. Neighborhood, community, travel (local & international), art, design, architecture, animals are some of the things that interest me. I welcome your stories & posts!

When I 1st moved here, I was working on a series of dimensional paintings I called Blip Blop paintings (sound as dripped in blips & blops off my fan brush). My studio was referred to as Blip Blop Studio and I now have an online shop appropriately called, Blip Blop Shop. My artwork has since flattened out & my baby bird paintings made me think --Chickadee, so for my 1st blog I decided to combine two names to make Blipadee. I have some work ahead me and I look forward to hearing from you with anything you feel like posting!

Thanks, Allyn


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