Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013!

Dad and me at Virginia Beach
My dad, R Henderson Howard loves the water. 
I'm lucky that he made sure we went to the beach every summer,
despite having little money when I was young.

Above, the pool at our Carriage Hill apartment 
complex (a very nice one!)
One of my favorite summers was when my dad lost his job.
Of course, as a child, I didn't realize that was a scary thing.
He took me to the pool each day (after "The Price is Right")
and even played nerf ball with all us kids. 
One girl, understandably had trouble with his name, so called 
him simply, "Mister" as in,
"Hey Mister! Over here, mister, throw me the ball mister..."

It means a lot to me that my dad always made time for me 
and my interests even when very busy. 
Once we moved to a house, I swam for 
volunteered as a timer at every single meet, not to
mention, carpooling during the years I swam year round. 

My parents both love animals and we've had some wonderful pets.

Cubby the cat


Bruiser & Ilsa


My friend, Jeanine found Jake while I was living in downtown
Richmond, attending VCU. Jake was funny, but in need 
of training, making it hard to find him a home, so
I kept him :)
I am still grateful that my dad would stop by to feed 
him on the nights I had to waitress.
I'm even more grateful that my parents took him when
I made the move to NYC.
They truly became best friends!

My dad, from angelic child in Newport News
to college years at University of Richmond

There's more about 'Der' in this past Dad Day tribute

Dad and me, (trying to look grown up) at Strawberry Street Cafe 
where I later worked.

Sky Truck

"Sky Truck" represents my move from Va to NYC. 
Dad drove a Ryder truck full of my stuff, mom & I in front,
to the NYU graduate dorms on Bleecker & LaGuardia.
He got a kick out of blowing the horn as loud and as often as 
all the other New York drivers.

Dad includes sketchy faces & notes in the cards
my mom sends. He also likes to leave reminders, like the one below.
You can see where I get my talent.

He has only occasionally questioned my decision to
pursue art as a career- the usual, where will you store these? 
can you make enough money? It did take some time, but
overall he's played the proud father through thick & thin.

Above, with Bruiser's cousin in Va Beach

Last to leave

Below, my favorite ride -
The Rudee Rocket! It blasts music while racing through the water,
eventually slowing to watch playful dolphins, 
before racing back to shore, as they chase along beside us.
I've been lucky to have the kind of parents who can enjoy 
the Rocket as much as I do and don't feel silly having 
our "family" photo taken with it ;D

This was taken about 5 years ago, better times
for all of us, before mom became ill.
My dad has been doing the best possible with such a difficult situation.
My respect for him has grown.
Thank You Dad!
To all the dads out there -
*Happy* *Father's* *Day*
xo, A



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