Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Season's Greetings and Thanks :)

Not in the mood to paint another snow scene, here's my holiday greeting set in Australia where Christmas comes in the summer :) 
I'm not sure if raccoons live in Australia, 
this one may just be visiting! 

Hannukah has begun and Christmas is just a few days away! 

It's hard to express just how much I appreciate my friends and Blipadee readers who support and even encourage me to keep painting these little animals and scenes. I hope I am as supportive as you always are!! 

I'd also like to send a Big Thank You & Cheers out to the lovely families who have let me into their homes to create wall murals and to new found customers & friends on Etsy who have purchased my work, added me to their treasury lists, circle or simply favorited an item or two. 
It makes my day, and year really, knowing that some of my work has found a home outside of my little studio!

I hope you all have a Wonderful Holiday and Year ahead!
xo, Allyn

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Gifted Dog

Sophie has a little gift for Sam. Stew, Charles, and Squiggy would love something from their favorite shop, Blip Blop and Bark, too!

Christmas is only a week away! 

It's not too late to order cards, prints or tees from me :)
Visit my My Shop here or my Etsy Shop 
and feel free to ask about original work available to purchase
or customizing a card or print.

Have a Fun Weekend!
xo, A

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Etsy Christmas, Birthday, Everyday

I've added some new and revised designs to BlipBlopShop on Etsy
In addition to Christmas & Holiday cards, you'll find original paintings, prints and tees.

Twig Cat Santa Hat & Snow Deer cards 
now available in vertical format, as well as square. 

Here's Taco Cat and birdie! 
Twiggy Cat, her sister has had her own birthday card for some time, so it's Taco's turn. 
I recently revised this for Jane's birthday since she has a cute orange cat named Taco :x)

I love Space Mouse.

Scooter Dog has been around for years and he's still a favorite! 

Here are two matted Yoga Bun Prints (in set of 4). 
Yoga Bun is getting in shape and in touch with the Infinite Universe, just like me ;) 

Jazz Cats is a new little painting inspired by the Beat Jazz Movement and the animals who keep it thriving underground ;) I'll be adding prints of this to my shop today.

Hope your holiday shopping is fun and not drudgery! 
It is the thought that counts. Plus, buying from independent designers 
and small companies adds that special touch, not everyone has original artwork.
If you're in NYC, stop by the Grand Central Holiday Fair. One of my favorite jewelry designers is there- Christina Stankard with her splendid line of true gems :')

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!
xo, A

Friday, December 2, 2011

Santa Dog Reads his List

It's December! 
Time to paint the holiday door for If I Were A Toy store here in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
I was happy with the one I painted last year, but I think this is pretty cute, too. I kept some skaters in the scene, but gave the spotlight to a dog playing Santa Claus :') 

Overheard in Santa Land Park this year- 

I stayed out of trash cans, I'd like a sled! I stopped scratching the couch, can I have a barrel of catnip and more long strings? I stopped tackling strangers, I'd like a bean bag chair and delicious cold cuts. I stayed away from the cat and I need a teeny reading lamp. I wiggled my cute nose for endless YouTube videos, I'd like more cardboard and bananas please! 

Timothy Hay! Skates! Raw Hide! and so on and so on ...

Little penguin is unsure of how to move his skates.

You can find my holiday cards and gift items on Etsy and browse everything else, including more greeting cards, on my site :)

***The Carroll Park Tree Lighting Ceremony is tonight at 6pm***

Thanks for stopping by today. 
Have a Swell Weekend!
xo, A


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