Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cheers to a New Decade!

Resolutions 2010... Hope you enjoy :D

Helena hedgehog looks ahead with mix of joy, fear & anticipation...

25 Resolutions as illustrated above and in no particular order:

1. Learn Spanish
2. Meet more handsome Spaniards
3. Be mindful of how I spend money & save
4. Keep list of favorite wines
5. Consume less sugar
6. Organize studio
7. Meditate and practice regularly
8. Appreciate good conversation
9. See all of James Purefoy's films
10. Send baby tees to Roger & Mirka's twins
11. Create full line of greeting & notecards
12. License artwork to manufacturers of quality products
13. Travel lightly
14. Live in Barcelona for a month or more
15. Paint something, anything, big or small every day
16. See more movies in theaters
17. Venture up past 23rd street more often
18. Maintain health and be grateful for it
19. DVR 30 Rock, Community, Modern Family, pbs Masterpiece Mystery series
20. Work on more efficient use of time, less procrastination
21. Springtime: Exercise more outside / Wintertime: Plastic on all windows
22. Give $ when I can & get involved in community projects
23. Invite friends over more often for vino & snacks
24. Dance whenever possible
25. Be open to ideas & advice of others

***Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!!***

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Warm Wishes...

Warm & Wondrous Wishes to You and your Loved Ones!
The East Coast had it's 1st big snow! The yard behind my building glistens in it's stark white.

These photos were taken at the Union Square location of Olde Good Things Architectural Artifacts and Antiques. I was introduced to it by production designer and friend, Sherri Adler many years ago when I started in the film business. I was lucky enough to make some purchases here when I did set decorating on her films. Love the little train set in window and I think the chandelier would be a nice gift, if anyone's wondering what I want this year ;)

Always been a fan of milk glass knobs!

Bigelow is a very charming 168 year old apothecary on 6th Avenue. They have great lines of products, neatly displayed with lovely windows that lure me in!

I've always appreciated the tiles on this 5th Ave. building near Washington Square. I think it belongs to NYU, most over there do. I'm a sucker for old doors, as well as grand entrance ways.

Pink :)

Soho has been bustling during the holiday season. I moved to NYC when there were mostly galleries down here. It's now chock full of stores, chains and high end boutiques. I'm surprised by how many restaurants have lasted, even the little Cafe Borgia II where I once worked still sits on Prince & Thompson. I have a soft spot for the large warehouse windows and the cobble stone streets.

Fanelli's serving up goodies at window, YUM :D

Walking down Crosby Street, I often notice the Savoy restaurant & make a mental note to try it sometime. I haven't yet, but it looks so cozy & quaint it must be good!

Had no idea we had a Bjorn Borg store here and looks like they offer a nice ladies collection, too :)

Now these were shorts!

Sherri Adler, I mentioned above, has started a delightful and delicious New venture-- Rogue Confections Handmade Belgian Chocolates with beautiful, edible designs imprinted on them. Inspired by vintage patterns, you can choose from collections including her Monarch or Cameo or create your own custom pieces. Dark, Milk & White chocolates that melt in your mouth! Yes, she came up with the name before Palin book published.

These pictures were taken as they came hot off the trays :D

*Your kids can design them, too!* See how on the Cool Mom Picks blog or simply visit her site :D

Rogue Confections has been a big hit so far, especially after participating in New York's One of a Kind Show earlier in the month. Recent press can be found at Craft Critique , Interior Design , Woman Around Town and quite a few others!

Kristine Lombardi superb illustrator & Blipadee contributor, and I had our final Perspective drawing class at SVA last Wednesday night. This was a rough one for me and wish I hadn't missed some classes. I recommend this to anyone who has the mental capacity to remember more than 3-5 steps at a time. I learned the hard way that this was not what I remembered from high school ;)
Sal Amendola was our patient instructor, a renowned artist for Marvel, DC and Archie Comics.

The last night was a bit looser. Kristine scored an Archie and Sal took our requests. Very kind and talented man!!

Gramercy Park below all sparkled up :)

Back at Bigelow Saturday night during big snow!! Above, Leslie poses like a trooper! I don't hang out here, just conveniently located near W4th station, so may as well stop in when I can, right?

Running, good resistance!

Here, Zexter returns after looking for her lost glove-- was in her purse!

Back in Carroll Gardens, this is Nick's Garden which I blogged about last Spring. It looks magical now in the snow :)

I like this toy arrangement by Mirabelle & Odille above. There were several set ups on my yoga mat.

She is special. Purchased some sweet little ornaments at Anthropologie this season :)

Hope you enjoy the Holiday Season and have a Kick Ass New Year!!!!!


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