Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thomasina Blows Outta Bklyn!

Here's my November door for If I Were a Toy, Carroll Gardens' super cute toy store/hair salon for kids. I went out on a limb and painted a Thanksgiving theme ;) In this scenario, Thomasina Turkey takes her babes on her scooter and gets the heck outta Brooklyn before it's too late!

Above, a friendly piglet I reworked from a pig series. Hoping he'll get a chance to adorn some of Rogue Confections' delightful & delicious Belgian chocolates by Sherri Adler :')

Thought I'd feature some recent work in my Thanksgiving post... Below, a bunny rabbit waits by the lake, drawn with charcoal on wood.

Above, Animal Houses -- Is Bailey Brown Bear locked out or are they playing a game?
Below, Forest Birthday Celebration painting uncropped.

Speaking of birthdays, Bryon & Kristy's adorable little girl, Vola Mae Finn celebrated her 3rd a couple of weeks ago. Here, Kristy helps her blow out her candles. I love the lighting and Vola's coy expression in this!

A Public Space, the literary magazine founded by their friend, Brigid Hughes, was the setting for her party. A good choice for Brooklyn's mini-intellectuals to meet up with parents in tow ;)

Bryon spent many hours in his studio painting games for the kids!

Inflated pink and blue ponies lined the shelves and looked innocent enough...

until an unsuspecting mom said the wrong thing and the little ones attacked her mercilessly with them!!

Most of you know I'm a big fan of my friend, Bryon Finn's artwork (below couple studio shots).

This year he made a fabulous bed for his daughter, important to indoctrinate them young!

Above, Vola appreciates her new bed. It must be fun to sleep inside a painting! I was impressed with the way Bryon stuck to his style and vision, which can fall by the wayside when an artist designs something functional.

Starting point...

He was also featured on the art & design blog, Hallazawa under label, Thanks Pops!

Onto paying projects which tend to create much more of a mess...
Below, a work in progress-- the Mega Millions Mega Phone. It's Mega alright, taking about 75 lbs of plaster to complete!!

Spending time inside the hanging horn was sorta fun, felt like I'd been on a boat.

You can see the layer of dust lining the carpentry shop floor.
Here, Melissa begins priming... little did she know just how many chances she'd have to repair and repaint this piece!

Ahhhhh, the pride :')

This cocktail lounge by Steiner Studios in the Navy Yard is going down :( I never went in, since it looked quite sketchy in harsh daylight, but I'll miss seeing this old sign with anchor.

Kristine, this water tower is for you! I no longer pass a water tower without thinking I'd better stop and photograph it. Hoping you'll put together a book one day.

Love this yellow door :)

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner with the Zexter family. They're so nice to invite me since I rarely go back to Virginia to celebrate. I can't wait to surprise them with this fancy new sequined dress ;D

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!!
Thanks for stopping by :)
xo, A


Heather Cottrell said...

Hi Allyn! It's so much fun to see your work and read your stories. Have a happy holiday :)


zex said...

your door looks even better in person!
Can't wait to see you in that hot sequined dress!

Margaret said...

Hi A,

Great post as usual. What's happening to the Navy Yard bar - I used to drink there back in the day. M

Allyn Howard said...

Thanks ladies!
Marg, did u really, w-me? i do have some foggy memories from our days workin' the docks ;)

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hi Gorgeous,

Wonderful post full of eye candy! LOVE your are one very talented lady.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving. Thank you for your visit and sweet comment.


patty said...

Love this post! That bed is pretty cool and your artwork is so very charming. Hope you win the mega millions to make more & more of it <:]

Anne said...

It's almost time to paint a
December theme at "If I Were a Toy"......Thomasina is so sweet
and adorable...maybe she could
celebrate with Santa and the
elves!!!! : D Anne


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