Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a New Year!

Farewell 2011

Here is a tiny glimpse at some of  my favorite moments, people & things... 

Zexter's show in Hudson, NY was terrific. It's a shame that the photography offshoot of Carrie Haddad Gallery had to close this summer. On the bright side, Anne McGinnis moved her wonderful antique shop, 12 into it's space :)

Murals murals murals, more more more...

I'm not a beer drinker, but liked this odd drawing on a Heineken bus ad.

It was great to see Wendy, an old college friend, and catch up this year. 
Below, she tastes treats at Dylan's Candy Bar. 

I love the US Open, especially seeing my very favorite, David Ferrer of Spain play :)
I can't take credit for this particular photo, it's courtesy of his Facebook page

You may have seen my post, Silver Cup East Kitty this summer. 
No longer a stray, he now rests comfortably in his home. 

Birthday celebrations! The River Cafe cocktails are hands down the Best :)

Star Wars
It was a thrill to meet my friend, Kelly's two adorable sons for the 1st time. She'd made a promise to them, which is how we ended up in the Lego store at Rockefeller Center. 
Legos sure have advanced since I was a kid! 

Above, Melissa S and Freddy, who was quite specific about his Gorilla costume. 
I later learned he was so exhausted by the time they reached their destination, 
that very little trick or treating ensued.

The Alexander McQueen Exhibit at The Met this year was mesmerizing, dark and beautiful. 
It felt more like an all encompassing art installation than fashion design, 
although everything was tailored to perfection. *A huge Thank You to Rika for giving my mom and me a semi-private viewing!!

My good friend, Kristine's beloved 19 year old cat, Miss Freckles passed away last month. 
She was a beauty and will be greatly missed and loved forever!

Yes, Local 829 got out there to Occupy Wall Street! 
Ironically, we had very few hand painted signs made up :-/

This little drawing was a winner in a Read Your Dog contest and
it was published in the Nov/Dec issue of the SCBWI bulletin. 
Unfortunately, SCBWI cropped it, leaving only the artist dog. Still, it was fun to see him in there :)

First time apple picking, unseasonably warm, pretty and apples for months!

Doug Moe, walking with Bryon above, created and performs 
It's very funny, even if you don't have kids. 
The Brooklyn Paper just did a nice piece on him, too!

Lena the cat :x)

Thom, Kristine & I appreciate the Christmas lawn displays :D

I love these girls, Odille & Mirabelle! 
Here, posing with my toy store doors.

My friends, Margaret and Scott recently moved back to NYC, one of the best things 
to happen this year, or any! I couldn't be happier about it.

Margaret, Melissa Z and I went to the Blue Bar at The Algonquin for holiday drinks before Christmas. They're about to renovate all the rooms and we were shown a finished one. It's clean and modern, but lacks the charm of  the old days. Of course, I wasn't around during the Round Table glory days, but my mom and I did stay there during my teen and college years. She continued to stay there, once I moved here, until about 8 years ago. We've made nice friends there over the years. Most have retired, but a few are still around and a holiday card my mom sent last year with a photograph still hangs in their coat room.

I shared this with my mom when I went home at Christmas hoping to raise her spirits. She's one of the most generous and fun people I know. I'm sure we'd be friends even if we weren't related! She's been having serious health problems this year and it breaks my heart. The only thing I wish and pray for in 2012 is that she recovers and lives a very long healthy life!! 
Cheers to 2012! 
I hope we all experience a year with more ups than downs, full of love, success & joy.
Live it people, live it!!!!
xo, A


Margaret said...

Great post, Allyn! Happy New Year and lots of XXXX!

Katia said...

Happy New Year, Allyn. Somehow, I feel as though its going to be a great one.

Allyn Howard said...

Thanks!! Hope you're right Katia!


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