Thursday, September 1, 2011

Silver Cup East Kitty

September is here and I'd like to reflect on one of my favorite stories of the summer. While painting sets for a TV show in July, this sweet kitten was spotted wandering around the middle of Silver Cup East Studios' parking lot in LI City, Queens during morning break. Apparently, he was almost struck by a car several times. He's a bold little guy and he kept returning to the center of activity in a very busy and dangerous lot. Fortunately, he was also a friendly loving kitty who just needed some care and attention. Fellow scenic painters and all around great guys, Will and Jeff helped me lure him away from the giant trucks. 

Above, Jake and Will pose with our rag-tag sign and hamper.

We knew we couldn't leave him outside, so Will found a small box and we decided to keep him nearby on our stage. It didn't take long for this kitty to squeeze out of one of the holes! Other kind crew members located an empty hamper and secured a better lid for him and I rolled him into my set. I have to add, we were winding down, so the work was more about finishing touches at this point. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to keep an eye on him. We are professionals, regardless of how this may appear :D

Here, Jordan poses (don't judge our signage skills by this ;)

SCE kitty had food and water at this point and then meowed his funny little meow for some time, making it hard to resist taking him out. Within a half hour or so, he fell fast asleep for about 8 hours straight in a fake doctor's office with AC. 
Timing is everything. The best news was that Will has a friend who was considering adoption of a kitten, since her cat had passed a couple of years ago.

Grace to the rescue! Will and I waited after work to give kitty to his new owner and friend. It was a thrill to help rescue such a nice gentle kitten who was determined to be noticed no matter how risky.

Here you can see how much life has changed for, wait for it... Howdy :)

His life is now full of music, art, napping and some TV, not bad!

Grace shared a couple of stories with me--  "The first night he was at my house he wasn't too acquainted with the purpose of a litter box. Despite showing it to him, he decided instead that a cloth purse that had fallen from a doorknob onto the bedroom floor was a better option. He promptly sat-ish on it and started to look very focused. It took me a moment to realize he was actually piddling on the purse!" uh oh.

A bit camera shy here, he quickly became the life of the party. Grace told me "A few days after he first came to live with me I had a birthday party. He was a total attention whore. I put his food and water bowls in my bedroom and placed him with them. He sat there happily eating and drinking for about 20 minutes and then scampered out lickety split into the arms of the first accommodating stranger. He was basically passed around and each time happily perched and conked out on each person's neck and shoulder. Howdy got more attention at that party than I did, and it was my birthday!"

"He is the best buddy a girl could ask for, though! Love him to bits!"

I love this photo of Howdy looking at the Geico Gecko! What must he be thinking?

You may be able to see some black spots in his ears above. It turned out to be motor oil, poor little guy. Unfortunately, there are plenty of feral cats around Silver Cup and all of New York and beyond. This one captured our attention and was one of the few who instead of scurrying away, came forward to be found. I can't express just how lovable he is, you'll have to trust me. He's a special one :)

Thank You Grace for your cute photos!! I'm so glad you have Howdy.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend! 
xo, A

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