Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Artwork by Allyn Update

I always enjoy that Back to School feeling that fall brings with it, especially since I no longer have to go and haven't for many years!  It is a time when I become more serious about setting and reaching goals. I know most of us feel this way at summer's end, must be a force of habit. Mine include illustrating a children's book (or several), licensing my art to manufacturing companies and creating custom murals for as many nurseries, kids' rooms & commercial spaces as I can reach :')

Today, I'm sharing some of the artwork I made over the summer...

Hey, That's my bus! 

I've been a fan of Britain's iconic double deckers since I was a 4 year old.

Rain or Shine, I love my yellow umbrella

I adore the products and packaging by the company Blue Q and lately can't stop thinking about bag, coin purse and tea box design. Atop, is Sugi Pug Wonder (or Brooklyn Pug) and Taco & Twiggy coin purse designs. I have many more that I will share soon and some of my own tote bags to give away :) Below are a couple sketches for tea boxes.

Here is my Sleepy Time box face and elements that would be included...

This summer, I had a bit of an obsession with S'mores and the idea of animals everywhere camping together...

This is a fake ad for G Force Graham crackers presented by G Force the Cat & Fat Fox

Monkey Graham

Below is Jumpin' for Joy, a design for gift wrap, cards, napkins, etc. I recently had a fabric sample printed by Spoonflower They do great work!

I'm currently working on some birthday cards and invitations, this one for a pool party!

Above is a little sketch I made for Peter Caine's facebook page, Read Your Dog. Peter is a dog trainer and he'll answer your questions (not only about dogs) in a well informed, uniquely entertaining way. *Extras include funny videos starring his dogs, Ike & Mango, plus a glimpse at his imaginative subversive installation & video art. He has many animals including a crow and a squirrel :') 

This is Pico, the worried cat. 
Pogo sits at attention below. 

while Lou has seen better days, things will perk up soon ;D

and finally, a bit of advice...

Don't miss your bus

Hope your fall is off to a solid start.
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xo, A

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