Friday, December 2, 2011

Santa Dog Reads his List

It's December! 
Time to paint the holiday door for If I Were A Toy store here in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
I was happy with the one I painted last year, but I think this is pretty cute, too. I kept some skaters in the scene, but gave the spotlight to a dog playing Santa Claus :') 

Overheard in Santa Land Park this year- 

I stayed out of trash cans, I'd like a sled! I stopped scratching the couch, can I have a barrel of catnip and more long strings? I stopped tackling strangers, I'd like a bean bag chair and delicious cold cuts. I stayed away from the cat and I need a teeny reading lamp. I wiggled my cute nose for endless YouTube videos, I'd like more cardboard and bananas please! 

Timothy Hay! Skates! Raw Hide! and so on and so on ...

Little penguin is unsure of how to move his skates.

You can find my holiday cards and gift items on Etsy and browse everything else, including more greeting cards, on my site :)

***The Carroll Park Tree Lighting Ceremony is tonight at 6pm***

Thanks for stopping by today. 
Have a Swell Weekend!
xo, A


kristine lombardi said...

Love this. It's adorable and even made more enchanting by the little twinkle lights. I hope they all get what's on their wish lists.

Congrats Allyn on yet another gem. You get better and better each month.

Allyn Howard said...

Thanks Kristine!! you're so nice. They do get what's on their lists & then some :)


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