Monday, October 6, 2014

Process, Flowers and Self Promotion Monday :)

We all start somewhere. 
I thought I'd share some process pics of a painting I made this weekend.
I like to start by drawing everything out loosely with charcoal, 
but I sometimes use pencil or just start painting. 
For my latest series of flower themed art, I've been working on canvas again.
Most of my animal illustrations are currently painted on gesso board or wood.

Pre-primed canvas provides a smooth surface for acrylic paint. 
Filling in the background with color is really relaxing to me. 
I guess because it requires only light focus and skill.

Painting each flower is the most fun, but the moment comes when you gotta decide just
 how far to go. I considered keeping this loose and painterly, 

but decided to add lines for definition and to keep it similar in style to the 
last couple of patterns I made. Below, is a detail before I went lighter.

I tried a softer look, by making the background pink, plus I worked a little more on it overall.

And then, I went back to a bolder background using Photoshop, which you can see below. 

Of course, with tools like Photoshop, you can alter almost anything. 
I can get lost in all the color options, alone!
In general, I prefer to do as much with paint before scanning or photographing a piece.
I currently use my iPad to photograph work that's too big to scan, 
like this, which is about 40" x 40" I think it's time to consider buying a large flatbed 
scanner or investing in a better camera or even using my old camera again.

I would love to license work like this to fabric companies, furniture and home accessory
manufacturers. I will begin researching places I can send samples to once I have a few more 
in the series. I'll probably have some printed using Spoonflower, plus create 
some pieces in my Society 6 shop to see how they look on products.

Speaking of samples, nice segue, huh
Here are my little square business cards being printed by Moo as we speak :)
Below is the back with a list of select social media platforms & my website, of course.

I'm doing a variety of square cards, here are a few -

and I want to start promoting my custom work again.
I used to paint murals more regularly and I miss it. 
I also live in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, a mini-mecca for newborns!
Below, are postcards of my latest custom painting, which I like a lot.

I decided to print detail shots bc I think it shows the work off better 
than the full image on a postcard size. 
I may print some larger samples or some flyers also.

Thanks for taking a look and indulging me on this self promotion Monday!

Finally, I will leave you with something sweet -


Have a great week!
xo, A


Melissa said...

HI Allyn,
Have you thought about going around to the local preschools with your cards (when you get them) for the murals? I bet there would be people interested. I can tell you where they are in B Heights if you want to know -- also the pediatricians' offices! :)

Allyn Howard said...

That's a great idea Melissa, thanks! I would love to know the schools in Bk hts. I def need to be more proactive, as they say, if I want to get into a groove again.
Hope reaching your deadline is in sight. Hope to see you Friday! :)


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