Thursday, October 30, 2014

A List - Halloween, Fabric, Art, Red Hook, some People & a Dog

Halloween Party
I painted these animals for If I Were A Toy store last year.
I had a great run painting their glass door with a seasonal, often monthly theme for 
about 3 years, before they closed up shop. This was one of my favorites.

and then there's  fabric, I received 2 of my samples from Spoonflower last week.
The printing is pretty good. I'll probably play around with the repeat more. 
I simply chose "mirror" option on the site. 
Margot Kingon has offered to sew a few small purses for me :) 
I'm not sure how much I want to get involved in manufacturing products, but it's 
nice to place some pieces in shops or sell online and see how they do.

I currently sell bags, pillows, prints in my Society 6 Shop, but as other artists know,
the profit margin is quite low. You can place your products and art on the market quickly, 
with ease and get high quality printing, it's just not the most efficient way to make money.

and then there's  Artist House Party Presents
Christopher Joy, of Gorky's Granddaughter, has opened up a gallery on the UES
 The Opening for Diagonal Triangle was Oct 19th and includes my friend 
and fellow scenic, Bryon Finn (with his work below)

As you can see, I failed to take good, or even mediocre, shots of the artwork.
Just visit the site to view paintings by other artists in the show-
 Elana Herzog, Julian Kreimer, Sangram Majumdar & Sarah Walker
or better yet, go see it in person!
It's up for another 2 weeks, the Closing Reception Nov 12th, 2014

*Check out 5 Questions with Bryon Finn on Angela Fraleigh's blog this week- it's fun and insightful!

and then there's  my neighborhood...
I ran into neighbor, Gabriel as he was visiting with one of my favorite dogs in Carroll Gardens. 

This is such a lovable happy pup! These people are very nice, too ;)

and then there's  Graham Willoughby
I've known him forever and he remains one of my favorite people.

On this day, I admired the way he carried laundry on his head, so he could
carry his daughters' small jack-o-lanterns home in hand.

and then there's  Red Hook
I worked on a small job in a prop guy's studio down on Van Dyke Street last week.
This area is just great. 

I lived on Van Brunt Street back in 1991.
My roommate and I had a terrific space and each had our own studio, but the neighborhood is
very different today. Besides, the charming shops and restaurants along cobble stone streets, 
there are the buildings down on the water, like Pier 41. 

I could smell the salt air, hear seagulls and ducks as I painted set pieces and props.
Plus, it was a quick walk to Fairway to enjoy lunch outside.

I somehow missed this Fire Boat last Friday Night, but production assistant,
Ron Pritchard, captured it. Apparently, a fireman had just been married and this 
was part of the celebration.

and then there's  Halloween. I sure loved it as a kid!
I no longer dress up (tho I will if asked ;) Here is one of my 1st -


Happy Halloween!
xo, A

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Melissa said...

You were soooo uber cute! Love that picture! :)

Are you still busy? WIll you be in Red Hook this week?


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