Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This is COZBI -- I adore Cozbi Cabrera and her beautiful creations! I feel quite fortunate that her shop is located right across the street from me. As you'll see, her clothes for women and children, her interior style and her illustrated books and are all a total inspiration!

Cozbi painted this lovely backdrop.

This is Cozbi. She is one of the most stylish women I've ever known! I will have to add a full length photo of her in one of her great outfits. She told me today that she makes everything she wears, with the exception of shoes & underwear. Although, I'm sure she'd do a nice job with those, too! Here she is wearing a necklace by Kristin Eno, a local jewelry designer/artist & film maker. Cozbi carries her line of necklaces & earrings.

This book is a must have for any of you creative and crafty people who are considering taking that entrepreneurial leap of faith!! Crafting a Business Make Money Doing What You Love, written by Kathie Fitzgerald, is a compilation of stories from 31 women who have followed their passion, worked hard and achieved success in their fields. Each had been profiled in Country Living Magazine. It is very encouraging without making running your own business sound like a cake walk. I personally love hearing about people's journeys and this is an insightful and fun read!

I wore one of her skirts to a wedding rehearsal dinner and all eyes were on me! Maybe not ALL on me, but this is one of my favorite skirts :)

Another of her skirts I own. I actually have quite a few and she fits them perfectly to your body!

Here are some of Cozbi's illustrated children's books. I have this one Beauty, Her Basket by Sandra Belton I intended to give it as a gift, but I decided I couldn't part with it. Cozbi's style is the perfect compliment to this lovely story. I'm drawn to her use of vibrant color and her delicate, yet confident hand. See other books on her site.

Cozbi began as an art director in the record industry, designing packaging. She started sewing Munecas, one-of-a-kind handmade dolls in honor of her Honduran heritage, after noticing an opening in the market. There is an inspiring story in "Crafting a Business" about how she was low on her dolls from the success she'd had at various craft shows. She took some of her quilts to fill extra space and they caught the eye of an editor at Martha Stewart Living TV --Nice break for sure!!

Precious dresses for little girls and these pillows below are so cute :)

This is Kristin Eno, her jewelry line is carried by Cozbi and she just happened to stop by the store today. Her baby girl is 4 months and as happy as could be! Take a look at Kristin's site, she's not only a fine artist, but is Director of Little Creatures filming imaginative collaborations with young children.

Above is some of Kristin's jewelry--felt--cool! The rings and necklaces below are by a designer named Kiki and I don't currently have a link. You'll have to stop by I guess!!

These earrings above and orange/yellow bauble-necklace is by Kristin.

A darling doll sits atop the jewelry display.

One HAPPY CUSTOMER!!! Love this coat :D

Cozbi is located at 530 Court Street between Huntington & W 9th Street. Take the F or G line to Smith & 9th Street Station. Phone 718.246.7960 Hours: Tues-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 12-5pm


kristin brenneman eno said...

Hi Allyn, nice to meet you and so nice to see so many lovely images of Cozbi's wonderful space and creations!!! Love this post.

The lovely lady wearing the fine peachy coat is Maggie Nakamura:

Thanks for linking to my site! Look forward to seeing you again in the neighborhood.

Margaret said...

Absolutely stunning clothes! I think Michelle Obama needs to rock some styles and get it out there!

ahoward0005 said...

Cozbi and her wonderful store add so much
to the Court Stree neighborhood. I have
bought several items for my daughter from
Cozbi, and they are beautifully made and always
receive compliments.

Last winter I purchased the sweetest little
dress for my "grand god-daughter" Odille's 2d
birthday and her Mom and Grandmother just
loved it.

Recently I purchased an adorable handmade
blue bib for a little Italian Baby here in
Richmond, VA. Luca Barney looks great in the
bib.....a one of a kind item.

Thanks Cozbi! You are terrific.

kristin brenneman eno said...

Just linked to your blog with my trunk show update:
: )


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