Friday, May 1, 2009

Studio pics

Thought I would share some photos of my studio. As you can see I find it hard to keep neat & tidy, but it is a workspace afterall! I like to continually look at what inspires me, so I tend to tape or tack images and sketches to my wall. The bottom picture shows my upstairs studio which I now share and use prodominantly for business, printing & storing of T-Shirts and Art Prints. The top photos show the workspace off my living room where I do most of my painting. I love Lascaux paints, they are quite smooth & creamy! I'm also a fan of Tri-Art, especially the fluid version for mural painting. I also use Golden and Liquitex paints. My blip blop (shiny, dimensional) paintings were made using liquid pigments and Acrylic 65 from Guerra Paint Supply in the East Village, NY. Art Guerra was a NYC based muralist who developed very saturated lines of pigments that can be mixed with various types of binders for some wonderful effects and range of thicknesses. He opened this store on 13th Street and Avenue A in 1984. As far as surface, I work on almost anything, wood, canvas & watercolor paper all appeal to me.

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