Sunday, July 5, 2009

Congratulations Roger Federer and Serena & Venus Williams!

Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July weekend! I spent some of mine watching tennis :)

Roger Federer won his record breaking 15th Grand Slam Title at Wimbledon today!!!!! Andy Roddick played an incredible and much improved game, but Roger pulled it out in the end. He is a great and deserved Champion!

The Williams sisters were unbeatable this year at Wimbledon as they often are. Serena was victorious yesterday over Venus winning her 3rd Wimbledon Title and 11th Grand Slam! Here they are after winning doubles together later in the day!!

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ahoward0005 said...

Thanks, Allyn, for your posting
about Roger and Andy Roddick's
briliant match yesterday. Both
players exhibited unbelievable
skill, courage and stamina!

Thanks, too, for your remarks
about Serena and Venus.

Allyn and I were fortunate to
see both Roger and Serena play
at the USOpen in 2006. Serena
was just beginning her "comeback"
and Roger was ascending as No. 1 the Arthur Ashe stadium
that day....even though they
were playing in early rounds,
they both had such "star" quality!

Congratulations on giving the
fans two weeks of excitement
at all those
who participated.


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