Thursday, March 8, 2012

My 2nd Year of Painting One Door

St. Patrick's Day Dance Party * Ireland 2012 
Bartley plays the bagpipes while Siobhan, shyest sheep in the herd, 
looks on with admiration.
Brendan badger does some "Step Dancing" with Fiona Fox. 
Liam, Ciaran, Conan & Clooney dance "Shoe the Donkey" "Stack of Barley" 
and other favorites with Brianna, Bridget, Claire & Neala. 

A Venice Valentine

I painted wall murals for If I Were A Toy store two years ago this month. 
Since then, I've returned each month, well almost, to paint a new scene on their glass front door to celebrate the changing seasons and holidays. It's a treat to do and I love that the store is here in my neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. 

Santa Dog Reads his List

Here's my painted door ~ April 2011- March 2012. 

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving for Thomasina & Friends

Trick or Treat in Brooklyn

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me I Missed My Bus!

Westie at Sea

Hippity Hoppity

This is one of my favorite ongoing projects. Hope you enjoyed taking a look :)

Ohhhhh, Bartley ...

Have a delightful St Paddy's Day this year!

xo, A

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