Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lucky Days

A great perk from writing a blog has been meeting some wonderful people and business owners in my neighborhood. Last week I did a project for one of the stores I've profiled here. Joanna from If I Were a Toy called me about adding some characters to her new kids' hair cutting room.

In addition, I was asked to paint a seasonal scene each month on their lower door window. Above, a mouse finds a pot of gold :)
Below, a bit more about the process... Joanna wanted Big Bird & Elmo over her mirror for kids to recognize and feel comfortable with while getting a hair trim. She also chose particular images from my portfolio and I later emailed her sketches.

This kite bunny didn't make the cut, but Space Mouse, in his bright colorful rocket did and right in the doorway!

I had recently painted a smaller version of Space Mouse on wood that she liked and this one is very close to that original.

Here, you can see Big Bird & Elmo, plus a cookie eating dino. He was scratched after Joanna's partner, Virginia saw another mural I'd painted with a bunny flying an airplane. Their name waving behind it seemed perfect for over the door in here.

Here I painted a raccoon rascal playing in the trash. Originally we considered Oscar the Grouch, but opted for one of my characters instead. The full scene works well framed by the table and helps disguise some of the scuff marks that end up on the wall here. By the way, the bunny in back is collecting the trash, so as not to promote litter ;)

Above, a darling little girl has her long hair trimmed by Joanne. *She is currently there on Saturdays only. Most kids, with shorter hair, sit on the booster seat and watch a few minutes from one of the many dvds available. That day, everyone seemed to pick Finding Nemo.

Another change made was to swap Space Mouse from back to front (and in rocket as you saw) a decision I was very happy to comply with :)

Virginia liked my Scooter Dog character, especially since he resembles her dog Bitty, so we placed him over 2nd mirror :D
They chose the hot air balloon for under that mirror, since it's easier for kids to see when they walk in. A polar bear and piggy were chosen to take the ride!

Hoping this guy makes it in somewhere in the future. Still plenty of nooks I saw that could use some extra animals playing ;)

It was fun to go in and meet Lori who runs Playtime Tues & Thurs mornings and Karen who heads up Jitterbugs music class on Fri & Mon mornings. They look like a lot of fun for little ones!

I also had the chance to meet Jill Kotulka, who designs and silkscreens these iconic brooklyn onesies. If I Were a Toy is the only retailer in Carroll Gardens who carries this particular design. Jill also offers more sizes & styles online at her shop Punkahontas on Supermarket :) Visit her site to see more design work, you will surely recognize much of it!

I'll be selling my Scooter Dog and Space Mouse Onesies for babies (size 6 mos) starting mid March. Please go in and buy one or two ;)

If you're in the area, stop in and take a look! Spring is here, for now at least, and they are right next to Carroll Park :D

*Starting Saturday March 27th, Margaret, formerly of LuLu's Cuts & Toys will be providing kids' haircuts and service* Visit their site for more info and call 718.222.2444 for an appointment :)

369 Court Street at Carroll Park * Click here for hours *

xo, Allyn


Margaret said...

Amazing! I love them all. Wish I could see them in person. Congrats!!!!

Carola said...

So cute, Allyn... Will have to get Alaia a couple of them.


Anonymous said...

Think of you every time I walk by that store now! Rock on!

kristine said...

These are darling! Great job, as always. LOVE the scooter dog. :)


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