Friday, March 5, 2010

March Mini Post

Some dogs have great faces that can't be passed up. This one also has the perfect mini Mohawk!

I was very sad to learn this week that Debbie Fisher's retail store on Court Street has closed. I happened to walk by as they were cleaning up last weekend. The picture above is from last Spring. Her store was a favorite of mine and I purchased quite a few gifts for friends, family and myself here. I also enjoyed talking with Debbie and her sister when she was lending a hand in the past.

It will be sorely missed by many people in this neighborhood :(
It's a shame that the commercial rents in this and many neighborhoods in NYC are so very high that great little gems like this one disappear.

Fortunately, Debbie is still selling her beautiful jewelry wholesale to stores including Brooklyn shops; Cog & Pearl, Catbird, Refinery and The Clay Pot and NYC's ABC Carpet & Home and Barneys.
If you had a chance to add your name to her mailing list she may be inviting you for studio visits/ jewelry parties in the future :) I hope so! You can still contact her on her website.

In the spirit of the Oscars... Go Jeff Bridges!!! Here are a couple of photos I took at the New York Times Center in January. I've posted about the Times Center interview series in the past. I've enjoyed each one and Jeff was no exception.

*He was as charming and sexy as you'd expect!*

I'll end on another great face! This gorgeous dog was waiting for his owner outside of If I Were A Toy. I've been inside the shop painting some cute pics I'll be sharing here soon :D

Have a fun weekend! Enjoy the Oscars Sunday Night!!
xo, Allyn

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Margaret said...

What a cute store - sad...


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