Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Friday

Maraca Mouse is psyched :)

Yesterday I did some work on my story about Katie Koala and her search for Lyle the Bunny. You may have seen my image of them on the Valentine's Day Cards I sent out and posted here.

Somehow they keep missing each other, but here a friendly penguin shares some cocoa :)

Lena enjoys some rest while I paint. She fits well with her stuffed friends ;)

I took down my paintings at Fat Cat Monday night :( That was the longest span I've ever had work on display :) A special thanks again to the owners Miki & Daniel for exhibiting it and buying a couple pieces, too!!

Now where to put it all?

Every now and then, scenic painters get out of big 'ole stages and carpentry shops and go on location! This was only over the bridge to Staten Island, but what a beautiful place to work.

Even factories across the water look romantic at dawn...

Thought this ship looked amazing against the pink and lavender sky.

GettyMart gorgeous ;)

This is a giant salt pile which may be used up this winter with all the snowfall!

Our destination & setting for a series of Macy's commercials (this one with Martha, yes, that Martha!) was Snug Harbor. I knew only of Snug Harbor, Long Island. This one is home to the Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden which is "the product of more than 30 years of restoration and development to convert a 19th century home for retired seamen to a regional arts center housing myriad museum and arts programs as well as an active Artist-in-Residence program. It is the largest ongoing adaptive reuse project in America and is considered one of New York City’s unique architectural complexes and historic landscapes..." *Please visit their well designed website to read more.

We worked in two of the adorable row cottages used for their artist in residence program.

These tracks are not a human's footprints. Looks like a snow bunny has been hoppin' through! maybe Lyle ;)

I look forward to returning in the Spring to visit the botanical gardens, this greenhouse above and various museums and galleries, including a kids' museum :D

This beautiful old building, unfortunately empty and in need of much work, was used as an exterior shot. Bryon Finn carved and wood grained these letters from Styrofoam to make it resemble a Frat House.

Loved these shuttered windows in each room.

View of crew and lighting trucks. Below, another great building in which we enjoyed lunch :)

Sadly, locations are often too small for all of the equipment, plus our paint kit & supplies. Above, a few essentials stashed in a bathroom. Most of it was designated to the back yard. Brrrr cold!

I shared my favorite paint shoes on a January post and here is the underside you all asked to see ;) Quite pretty, despite and I guess, because of the obvious wear & tear.

We have snow here again in Brooklyn and it casts such a magical glow to everything. The thaw out is not so nice.
Enjoy it while you can!!

Snow peeps built by Mirabelle & Odille :)

Have a great weekend!
xo, Allyn


Margaret said...

That's insanely cute!

Allyn said...

Thanks Madge, know you were speaking about Maraca Mouse. Hope you like the rest, too :)

jane said...

Such cute new paintings Ally!! Sorry your show is down. There are some galleries around Bergen st area you could look at,i think blip blops need more exposure :>D

Kelly said...

Fun Blog!!


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