Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Accent on LOVE IT part deux...

This is Keiji Inatome! I met him many years ago when my friend, Rika recommended I work for his company during trade and gift shows. I quickly became very good friends with his sister, Mika Inatome *renowned Wedding Gown Designer* and their family.

Inatome International Inc. represents not only Keiji's designs, but other Japanese designers of fashion related accessories and unique lighters, often purchased as collectibles.

This year Inatome, Gallery 91 and Morihata combined to make up the Accent on Japan portion of the show. Below are Keiji's sleek and sophisticated keyrings. They are the perfect size and the top row displays the line manufactured with a crushed pearl coated finish. I own the one that's circled and although I don't use it now, it lasted a loooooong time and now rests in a safe place :)

You can see there's quite a range in lighters from the candy coated ones up top to the classic and cool pieces here. He also carries wallets, a fun mix of business card cases & other accessories that did not photograph as well as I'd hoped.

Next, I went to Poketo! Felt a bit like a party with so many stopping in to purchase or just take a look. They sell lots of super fun designs and a range of apparel, bags, wallets, stationery, tableware and wall art. There's more, you should visit their site :D

Poketo was founded by Ted Vadakan, a filmaker and Angie Myung, graphic designer in 2003. They got their start creating limited edition artist designed wallets and just grew from there!
Click here to read more about them :)

They have collaborated with over 200 international artists. "Poketo evolved into what it is today, an innovator in artist-designed lifestyle wares." I like that!

When I saw this display of Fiona Hewitt's illustrated goodies I flipped! I absolutely LOVE her work. Think I 1st saw it on Miso Pretty products by Blue Q.

This company is Wu & Wu and she is the creator! Fiona spent years living in Shanghai and Hong Kong which inspired her brand the Dumpling Dynasty :)

Who doesn't need a writing or sewing kit? or a special one for pigtails?

Wu & Wu is based in the UK and was represented here by Karen Alweil Studio a national representative of over 30 manufacturers. They were quite busy and represent many companies I heart ;)

Lovely wood veneer art prints & journals by Spitfire Girl above *(SFG included in my post on Papel New York)

Got a kick out of this Facebook notebook by Sukie, think I've seen it on other sites, but worth showing it again I think. A face per page, don't worry transparent enough to write over :)

Bright Idea has a different light bulb shape per page. What pressure!

I love the simplicity, creativity and plain 'ole cleverness in the work by Sukie. Above is Darrell Gibbs, director and designer. Darrell and his wife, Julia started Sukie in 2000. The name derived from Julia's first pet :)

Notebooks made to look like vintage short novels!!

This book flips, half the pages are blank and half are lined.

Sweet and humorous notebooks, agendas, sketchbooks, journals and limited edition silk screen art prints available.

Carolyn Gavin is another favorite of mine! I have several notebooks & sketchbooks large and small by her company
Ecojot. Carolyn and her brother, Mark developed Ecojot in 2007 while still running Mirage Paper Co. Ecojot is full fledged "green", made entirely out of waste material.
Thought Mark's shirt looked just right with their products below :) He is head of sales and marketing and is quite charming and easy to talk to. This was one of my 1st stops, so it was great to start with such a friendly person. I admitted I was a fan of his sister's work. Her playful graphic style completely stands out and has the kind of whimsy I'm drawn to.

This little notebook was my parting gift and it's the perfect size for a coat pocket and quick notes.

All of the delightful designs were originally created by Carolyn. They recently licensed fellow fabulous illustrators, Helen Dardik and Nate Williams to add to the collections. Everything looks terrific and works really well together as a cohesive line!

Carolyn's designs on Sniff Tissues :) so cute.

Okay, so these artists have the careers I covet, but can't help but love what they do! ;D

Great Great Great!!! I'm lovin' Bob's Your Uncle tableware here! Plus they offer so much more...

This is Michele Yeeles, she and her husband, Martin created BYU in 2001. They also manufacture melamine plate designs by Thomas Paul. I have his great graphic bird series from a couple years ago.

In addition, they design place mats, coasters, planners, notebooks, folders & countless other fun paper goods.
I want this book below.

They called friends and family and collected recipes explained by children. It's illustrated by Mark Fisher and it's very funny!

Onto French Bull, Jackie Shapiro designs this line of patterned vibrant tableware and wall art, as well as bedding, stationery, kitchenware, bags, accessories and more all saturated with these bright candy colors!

French Bull has grown into a full lifestyle brand. I don't think they can be stopped ;)

Here is DFCasa, the Mexico City based design duo of Tony Moxham and Mauricio Paniagua. I knew nothing about them, but spotting the bold sparkly trophy-heads caused me to stop and take notice! *You must visit their site because they offer so much more than I have here.

They dedicate themselves to combining traditional Mexican techniques with modern design for home and commercial use and work with artisans from all over Mexico.

Click the DFC manifesto here :D

*I would like to thank all of the lovely designers, owners and sales reps who took the time to talk to me. I had a wonderful time just looking and meeting such a varied and talented group of people that day :) Thanks!!!*

Hope you enjoy the post! xo, Allyn


keiji said...

You are a great reporter. I’m glad you found many things you like.

Good job!

jane said...

WOW! So much to choose from, hmmm think i need some russian doll plates and a glitter-blue unicorn for my walls definitely!!! Great post Ally :-)

Amy said...

What a pretty and colorful blog you have! I just read through everything I think. Have to visit carroll gardens/brooklyn heights on my next big nyc trip. thanks!

Margot said...

Thank you so much! Know I don't have to feel bad about not making it to the gift show!


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