Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm on Kate Harper's Blog :)

I recently joined a group on LinkedIn called Art of Licensing and answered Kate Harper's question about why an artist needs a blog. Kate writes Greeting Card Designer, a blog full of practical information and interviews with art and design professionals. Below is an excerpt. Please visit her post for my full answer :) She is running a series about the benefits of social media for artists & designers throughout the month of March.

Children's Ilustrator Wisdom: Why Artists Need Blogs

GC Designer Blog invited Allyn Howard, Children's Illustrator, to be a special guest writer for "Social Media Month" and talk about why she thinks artists should have a blog.

Guest Writer, Allyn Howard

I started my blog, on a whim after someone I knew created one for her baby. I thought if a newborn could have one, so could I!

I post about once a week and share aspects of my life as a working artist living in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. It appears that most commercial artists have one for the additional exposure to their work.

I enjoy writing about my process for illustration & mural projects, but knew I didn't want to write exclusively about it.

I was surprised by just how much I enjoy profiling other artists, designers and businesses that I admire, plus interesting neighborhood characters. There is so much great stuff out there, it feels rewarding to help shed light on what I find deserving and getting to know the people behind it!

Read more here...

Thank you Kate!

Kate Harper is a greeting card designer who has worked with Barnes & Noble, Papyrus, Target and Michael's to name a few! Visit her site for more information :)

Happy St Paddy's Day to all you lads and lasses!

xo, Allyn


Jen said...

Cool, I'll check your guest appearance now. your animals in cars are so adorable!

Diana said...


I like reading your posts, but i keep having issues signing in w-my google account, jumps back and won't take passwrd?? anyway, your paintings are wonderful and so upbeat! I wish I had your ability. Congrats on the blog highlight and keep up the good work!

Karen said...

I hopped my way here via Karyn's French Charming....and I'm glad I did! Your illustrations & painting is just that mouse in the rocket below! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :>


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