Friday, July 2, 2010

Blipadee Celebrates Independence Day!

If I Were A Toy... This month's store door-- A NYC bear family is celebrating the 4th out on the water and enjoying the fireworks!!

I painted several murals in the kids' store, If I Were A Toy... last winter and each month I return to paint a different theme for their door. I always enjoy stopping by, especially now that they're serving ices!

Today, sitting outside to paint, I heard a young boy say to his mom "If I Were A Toy, then I'd Play with Myself!" I don't think his mom gave a reply :)

Have a Fun 4th!!! Enjoy the Fireworks!


Anne said...

We always look forward to seeing
your doors each month. The 4th
of July celebration with the
Bear Family is darling!... certain
the children (and grown-ups) who
pass by "If I were a Toy" love each new creation! Thanks Allyn!

Allyn Howard said...

Thanks ma H! Happy 4th :0)

Cara & Lilly said...

My daughter always wants to go see your new doors. She loves the octopus & "sparklers"! This may be my favorite so far, such beautiful blues.


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