Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer and the City

My sign for George, my landlord's shop. Since they've moved, bit less foot traffic, hope this helps!

Dog Days of a very Hot Summer... Below are some Pics of Days in my neighborhood, on job sites, at a museum, studio and wine store :)

Beautiful Gowanus Canal ;) maybe one day?

Miki and Daniel with cute baby, Kane in Fat Cat Wines on Court Street :)

Guys outside Vinny's Restaurant & Luncheonette (really good & inexpensive Italian) on Smith Street.

Leslie whips up the cream for Wimbledon Tradition, Strawberries with delicious real Cream :D *Congratulations to Nadal!!*

Day at MOMA with Zexter... Loved the Bresson exhibit, saw twice!! Delightful lunch in Cafe and gelato in the Sculpture Park.

Above, the iconic Silver Cup Studios sign. Being there means making $ :) Below, a friend at Silver Cup East working hard in the heat!

Water and sun damage looks so good on metal.

Richard Lamb flees the scene...

Sweetness :)

More sweetness... friends, Carola and David's little girl, Alaia :)

Above, my favorite mug acts as a bookend... Below, my favorite painter's studio...

These are parts to larger paintings by Bryon Finn. Visit his website to see the real thing!

Below, he walks fellow scenic painter through a job... I was not around for the creative part of this one, got to paint it all back to white, instead. C'est la vie! Great location on W26th NYC :)

Finally made it to Red Hook Pool. Beyond expectations, it is gigantic!!! Sadly, can't take camera into area. Swam a few "night owl" laps with friend, Melissa before going out for drinks ;D

Charlie, neighborhood dachshund, wails then looks through my bag outside of Frankies...

Gorgeous night!

Hope you're enjoying your summer so far :D
xo, Allyn


Anne said...

Allyn, you have perfectly
captured "summer in the City"
whether at MOMA or on Court
Street. I think Court Street has
its own unique vibe whenever I
visit. Hope the next few days
are cooler for everyone in your

jane said...

Wonderful pictures! You have such a great eye!!


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