Monday, August 13, 2012

Drawing and Playtime

Drawing helps to make sense of the world around you.

I, myself, mostly sketch, draw and paint little animals.
I was impressed by this young elephant's skill at sketching people ;)

Last week, I attended Playtime New York,
an International trade show for the children's market.

I went with my friend, Robin, and I had the pleasure of meeting her friend,
Gabriela, the mastermind behind Gabriela Pardo, Things WE Love

Gabriela lives and works in Berlin, Germany with her lovely family.
These guitar-pillows are perfect for travel, as demonstrated below by her daughter. 
They're a big hit in Europe, soon to be here, too!

Playtime NY was in Soho and it showcased a select group of 
charming clothing, accessory and toy companies.

Here, I pose with Gabriela's sweet puppets. I would buy one of her bags for myself .
Below is Lewis Toad and Oliver Mouse
created by one of my favorite companies, Hazel Village

It turns out they're made here in Brooklyn, which makes me happy,
 since I know where to find them ;)

just spreading the word...

To see more from the show, clothing in particular, visit Circus Magazine
a cute German kids' fashion & lifestyle blog.

Have a productive and/or relaxing week.
Thanks for stopping by! 
xo, A

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Margaret said...

Very cute! Love the elephant drawing with his nose.


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