Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gone Fishing

This is little Lou, Louanne. She's more defined and sports a tackle jacket
in the finished piece below.
I haven't submitted anything to Illustration Friday in a long time, but
I follow along on Facebook.

Kitty and Lou

It turns out, Thomas James, who currently runs the weekly challenge blog, 
is off this week. In other words, Gone Fishing and so,
Marc Scheff has taken the helm and assigned this as the Topic for tomorrow.
It feels a little odd posting an illustration when the the topic for last week's challenge is still up, 
Spark, but here I go.

I only have a handful of art that works for the theme and I noticed 
I uploaded Tuggy and the Mice to IF in the past. 
That leaves me with two cats who fish.

Above is Nice Catch, Cat! part of my Venice Animals series / story.
I went with Kitty and Lou because they are actively setting out to fish.
You might be asking yourself, why the explanation? why share artwork
we've seen on your blog before or
what I dream you are asking yourself right now-
why haven't you been published? Can I purchase your work?
where can I find more animals
fishing, playing, dancing, flying, whatever.... I WANT MORE

You can buy original paintings & tees from Blip Blop Shop on Etsy
or Prints & Products from my Society 6 Shop, Allyn Howard - $5 off each piece
and Free Shipping. I don't know how long that deal lasts, but looks good at the moment :)

My dad always enjoyed fishing. 
The one time I went fishing with a group of friends,
I was one of only two people not to get sick out on the water.
Sadly though, I did not catch a single one. 
Great from the fish's perspective!
Have a super weekend
xo, A

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