Monday, March 3, 2014

Sketches to Finished Art : Brooklyn to Breezy Painting

Last week, I shared a custom painting I made for a lovely little girl,
From Brooklyn to Breezy and back (also known as Willow's World)
This week, I thought I'd share some of my process with you.
If you're considering or know someone who would like a custom piece, it's 
a great way to make a room special and it's a simpler process than you might think.
These are the sketches I made after discussing ideas for this latest project.

I had an overall idea in mind, aiming for a dream-like quality with elements taken 
from a just-turned 6 year old's life to tell a story. It's her world, hopefully illustrated in a 
bright charming way that encourages delightful contemplation.
Generally, after meeting with someone, speaking on the phone or emailing 
back & forth about ideas, I email my sketches along with some finished work
(as a reminder of my overall style) 
We take it from there. 

Sometimes I go back to the drawing board, so to speak, and sometimes,
like this time, I got the OK to just get started!
I did a washy under painting, using several colors, to sort of block
in where each scenario would end up.

For this, on pre-primed canvas, I sketched out everything in charcoal 1st. 
It can be easily wiped off and allows for a light hand. 
I always appreciate the loose quality of a sketch. The energy and 
movement can so easily be lost once you begin painting.
Next, I go over the lines with watered down acrylic paint.

I took lots of photos this time around, not only because I love using my iPad,
but I wanted to keep track of how each stage looked.
I really wanted to maintain a light touch with this one.

In these detail shots, you can see the early steps that lead to the final. 
I made only minor changes and additions as I went along.
This was mostly about adding color without losing all of the line work.
I did make the fox a touch happier and the raccoon looks more anxious in the finished one.

Here is the full 76" x 41" painting tacked up and sketched out in my studio.

Here is the finished painting on the floor, right before we began hanging it.
You can see how it was installed and some fine little details in my previous post- 

Thanks for taking a look!
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I'd love to have ya!
xo, A

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