Friday, March 7, 2014

Illustration West 52 - sketches - Instagram & iMac

See Subway Animals in person :)
If you're in the Los Angeles area, the SILA Illustration West 52 exhibit Opens tonight
along with the website launch of the show 
March 7th at Center Stage Gallery 7-10p

I do not have an Instagram account, but I plan to soon, because - why not upload my stuff  
onto as many social media platforms as possible ;)
At the moment, I anxiously await the arrival of my 1st iMac. As friends know, 
I have depended on a Dell computer for at least a decade, 
which is amazing considering all the files and photos I have saved on this thing!
Dear Dell, you are amazing, but it's time we part ways. It's in the best interest of us both.
I hope I don't regret this.
After much deliberation and encouragement from fellow artists, designers, illustrators ...
I decided to make the switch. I don't know what to do with myself. I Can't Wait!

Pen + Moleskine = joy
I like Clairefontaine's paper for quick sketches, also. 
Above, is the sketch of Porcu-punk-pine, he became Harvey (below)
I think I'll do a painting of him looking this nervous, though.

My afterthought was having the cats play chess with the mice (probably makes more sense)
Oddly enough, I came across taxidermied  mice chess sets on Etsy - The Curious13 
Clever, cute? but I don't want one.

Uplifting message of the day!

This is one of my Valentine card rejects. Poor raccoon's day didn't go as hoped.
Below is the original sketch for Subway Animals
It's missing a key character. Can you tell which one without scrolling up?

Copyrighting. I have started to copyright EVERYTHING.
Consider yourself warned ;)
Of course, Share, Pin, Post, Enjoy as much as you'd like.
** Have a great weekend **
It's supposed to be warmer here on the East Coast. Hooray!
xo, A

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