Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My MATS Bootcamp 2015

Magic Carpet Ride

This is my final submission for MATS Bootcamp online course, 
taught by art licensing agent, Lilla Rogers and produced by 

June's assignment : illustrate an article about digital nomads

Each month we receive an assignment. 1st we're given hints and reference for 
sketching and a week or so after, we receive the final assignment.
I really love having these deadlines, despite nearly missing this last one. 
I mistakenly thought we had another week. 
It's been a busy month.

I was proud I knocked out this piece on Sunday in time to submit. 
My work is more suited to a teen or kids' magazine than it is for Forbes where - 
Even so, I like it :)

Above - May's assignment : crustacean + pattern - plate designs

April's assignment : design a poster for The Global Art Gathering held in Brighton, UK

February's assignment : wall art on wood 
(we skipped March while the MATS B course ran)

These were some other paintings I made. You can view them larger on my website or here
and see sketches if you'd like - here

Our 1st assignment - January : create a journal cover (Edwardian brooch/jewel inspired)
You can view my sketches here

This was an extra little piece - A Manifesto for the class

I had another very good experience taking this course.
The Facebook private group is super for support and sharing opinions and resources.
Plus, the projects are fun and tailored to the current market.

I took Make Art That Sells part A (one week deadlines) 
in spring of 2014. I've signed up for Lilla's Global Talent Search
that begins in August. I'll keep you updated on that one! 

Thanks for taking a look!
Hope you have AC, I finally turned mine on.

xo, A

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Nice work and wrap up, Allyn!

I can't believe it's already been half a year!!!! Oy! Crazy.
Good luck with GTS!!


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