Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring Flowers, Paint, Patterns & People

So far, May has been a lovely sunny month!
I try to eat out and outside as much as possible. In my neighborhood, I tend to 
alternate between two very different Italian places, Frankie's and Enoteca :)

What does this have to do with painting? not much.
But, springtime is the best time for painting! I love the light and being able to 
open windows for that semi fresh city air.

This is Fiona, I think it's obvious she loves flowers.

I painted this last spring after returning from a few days in California. 
It was just a color sketch for a MATS project that I didn't end up using. 
I really like the light, loose and airy quality.


If you visit my blog, you've probably seen these pieces. 
Sometimes I just enjoy adjusting color and looking at details.

I consider this Cherry Blossom tree to be my own personal tree. 
It stands outside my living room window and I really enjoy seeing it spring to life 
year after year (we've both been here a long time!)

Speaking of a long time, Court Express has been across the street from me since '94.
Some of the drivers come and go, but I've known several of them for over a decade. 
I mostly use the subway to get around, but it's nice to have these guys around!

I was very happy to run into Jon and his son with their new dog, Dixie last week. 
I remember how exciting it feels to get your 1st dog as a kid! Magic.

I haven't eaten at La Slowteria in quite some time, but it's good. 
Love their barrel of tulips and cute blue sign :)

Happy Friday! 
:: Enjoy your weekend ::
xo, A

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Melissa said...

Fun to see your painting in progress before finishing!
The lion profile one is on of my favorites!


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