Monday, April 27, 2015

Making a Poster! Make Art that Sells :)

This month in MATS Bootcamp, our assignment was to design a poster for 
Lilla Rogers' Global Art Gathering event in Brighton UK this summer.
We were encouraged to participate in a contest where the winner is paid and
has their design produced and used as the official poster and postcards for the event.
Here's the April Gallery if you'd like to see all the submissions! I'm on page 4 :)

I made some loose sketches and then just went for it, since I had some other 
projects to finish last week.

I stuck to my painterly, kid-centric style, which could limit my chance of winning.
The event is about creating commercially viable art, not solely for the kids' market.
but, you know ...
I've Gotta Be Me - Sammy Davis Jr
I Am What I Am - Shirley Bassey
I Yam What I Yam - Popeye  :D

I still look forward to trying some Skillshare classes to make more 
elegant, funky and/or fanciful lettering, but I think mine worked for 
the overall feel of my illustration. I wanted the Make Art that Sells to appear
as if it was drawn in the sand, but kinda tricky to do. 

Our brief included a color palette, dimensions and the essential information. 
I made my image too long and had to resize it in photoshop.
In the end, I think it actually helped to shorten it, but it sure is annoying 
when you realize your mistake.

Brighton - ice cream man in waders - photo by George W. Hales 1939

Of course, I went to Pinterest to see what Brighton is all about.
I really wish I could attend this event. I'm sure it will be fun and informative.
Plus, Brighton looks delightful!

Below - some of the reference I used for my piece. 
I love vintage travel posters, beach umbrellas and amusement park images.

My dog pays homage to this guy ;)

Pesaro would make a nice trip, too!

Have a great week!
xo, A

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